Friday, August 17, 2012

Tyrann Mathieu enters rehab, won't play in 2012

Former LSU DB Tyrann Mathieu, aka 'Honey Badger,' has reportedly checked into a drug rehab facility in Houston, Texas. Mathieu's father, Tyronne, recently released a statement to the media regarding his son's future plans.

The Honey Badger will continue to seek treatment for what appears to be a severe marijuana problem and will not play football this fall. Mathieu allegedly failed up to as many as seven drug tests during his tenure at LSU.

Ex-NBA player John Lucas will reportedly mentor the former Heisman hopeful in an attempt to help him get his life together. Lucas excelled at the NBA level for fourteen years before a cocaine and alcohol addiction nearly took his life. Although Mathieu has made some highly questionable decisions thus far, let's hope he can straighten out his priorities and get back on the football field.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Felix Hernandez Throws Perfect Game

King Felix showed everyone why he is nicknamed "King". Felix Hernandez threw the 23rd perfect game in MLB history on Wednesday afternoon against the Tampa Bay Rays. Felix was completely dominate as he faced the minimum batters, he struck out 12, and there was really no threat of a Ray getting on base. He had an electric fastball, devastating curve, and a fantastic change-up on his way to MLB history. In my opinion Felix has the best "stuff" in the Majors and if he was on literally any other team he would have 20-25 wins instead of the usual 14-18. He struck out the side twice on the day, as he needed only 113 pitches to complete the game. This was the third perfect game of this season with Phillip Humber and Matt Cain throwing the first two. Wednesday marked the 5th time this season that Felix has struck out 10 or more, and he should be in the Cy Young talk at the end of the season. 

Its too bad that Safeco Field was only 47% full on a sunny day in Seattle. 

NHL lockout looming

As the 2012-2013 NHL season approaches, a work stoppage seems more and more realistic. Although it appears the two sides are getting closer to an agreement, you never know when commissioner Gary Bettman is calling the shots.

The NHL's collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is set to expire on September 15, 2012. Gary Bettman has publicly demanded a new CBA be in place before the deadline or the players will be locked out. While it would still be possible to start the season without a new agreement in place (or at least continue negotiations until the regular season starts), Bettman refuses to allow it.

The problem I have with the situation is the regular season isn't scheduled to start until October 11. It's not like the NHL will start missing games if a deal isn't struck by September 15. The fact that Bettman is presenting an ultimatum to the NHLPA proves that he is completely content with a lockout. Also, after reviewing the NHL's original proposal, it seems absolutely ludicrous that the NHLPA would agree to such a deal, which further solidifies Bettman's desire for a lockout.

I absolutely love hockey. I've been an avid Devils fan for over ten years and although the NHL is the least popular of North America's so-called 'big-four' professional sports leagues, it would be devastating to the fans if there were to be another work stoppage. The problem with the NHL is the average sports fan doesn't get drawn in like they would with the NFL or NBA. The people who watch hockey are primarily "die-hard" fans who are knowledgeable about the game and have been following it for years. If these loyal fans start to lose interest in the NHL, it will be extremely difficult to attract other spectators to embrace the game.

Another negative outcome of a lockout that some people don't always take into account is the amount of workers that get laid off. Think about all the employees working in the ticket booths and concession stands, as well as the parking lot attendants, kiosk operators, ushers, etc.(Not to mention media members and other NHL employees.)

When it's all said and done, I ultimately believe some sort of agreement will be reached by Bettman's September 15th deadline, but that doesn't mean I'll be satisfied. This is the third time in Bettman's tenure that the threat of a work stoppage was used in order to gain leverage over the players. It's like this asshole has it down to a science for Christ's sake! How do we know this won't happen again three or four years down the road?

I love the Devils but I'm not giving Bettman or the NHL another cent of my money due to the bullshit they continuously pull year after year. (Not to mention the Devils should have NEVER moved to Newark, but that's a story for another day.)

Anyways, I think it's about time to elect a new commissioner of the NHL. Gary Bettman has been nothing short of a failure.

Melky Cabrera Tests Positive for Testosterone

All-Star Melky Cabrera has been suspended by Major League Baseball for using testosterone. This leaves the Giants a gaping hole in their lineup as Melky was batting .346 which was good enough for 2nd in the majors. The Giants are currently tied for the NL west lead, and would be a half a game back of the wildcard. I knew his numbers were too good to be true because Cabrera is a career .285 hitter, and you don't just willy nilly bat .350 in the majors when your best batting average was .305. Scrub Gregor Blanco will be Cabrera's replacement in left field while the Giants will try to make a push for the playoffs. Now the Giants will almost certainly have to get a wildcard spot because the Dodgers have a better team with the additions of Victorino and Hanley Ramirez. The Giants only hope is that their pitching staff carries them into the post-season ,but that all depends if Tim Lincecum can get his head out of his ass and get some guys out.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Should the Nationals shut down Strasburg?

Nationals ace Stephen Strasburg's innings limit has been a hot topic throughout the baseball season.

At the beginning of the year multiple media outlets reported GM Mike Rizzo would have the phenom on a tight, 160-inning leash. Rizzo vehemently denied such a claim as the season progressed, but we now know that wasn't entirely true.

According to the Nationals beat writer Bill Ladson, Strasburg will be shut down for the remainder of the season (and post-season) once he reaches the 180-inning mark.

Some have suggested the Nationals adapt to a six-man rotation or simply sit Strasburg for a few regular season starts in preparation for the playoffs, but apparently that will not be the case.

If you remember last year Jordan Zimmerman was shut down after pitching 160 innings but the circumstances were totally different considering the Nats were nowhere near the playoffs. (Not to mention Zimmerman is no Strasburg.)

At the moment, Strasburg has pitched 133 1/3 innings, which leaves room for roughly 45 innings or so (approximately eight or nine more starts).

In my opinion, innings don't mean as much as a pitch count does. As long as Strasburg doesn't throw more than 100-105 pitches per start, I don't see a problem with sending him out to the mound a few extra times, but then again I'm not in the clubhouse.

As an objective baseball fan I understand why Rizzo is doing this, but if I were a Nats fan (or a player on that team) I can't imagine being happy about it.

Strasburg is currently 13-5 with a 2.90 ERA and tied for the National League lead in strikeouts with 166.