Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Trent Richardson Sent to Dr. Andrews

Cleveland just can't catch a break, as top pick Trent Richardson was sent to Dr. James Andrews to have his left knee examined. Anytime an athlete is sent to Andrews it is not a good sign. Richardson had arthroscopic surgery on the same knee back in February, and missed most of the combine because of it. Obviously there is something that the Browns are not telling us if they are sending Richardson all the way down to Florida to get his knee examined. If Andrews determines that Richardson needs additional surgery to the left knee, he will more than likely perform the surgery, and it will likely place Richardson on the bench for a while or possibly the entire season. At this point Cleveland fans just have to shrug their shoulders, and say "oh well, maybe next year." At the moment every team in Cleveland sucks, and this doesn't help the Browns chances of shocking the world and producing more than six wins this year.

*** Update 8/8/2012 7:45PM- Richardson will need surgery to clean up loose particles in the knee that caused swelling. Richardson is not expected to miss the start of the regular season. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yankees Lose Again, AL East Lead down to 5

Three weeks ago, the New York Yankees had the best record in baseball, and a 10 game lead in the AL east. Now after losing 6-5 to the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday night, the Yankees find themselves only 5 games up on the Baltimore Orioles, and they can't seem to turn it around. Ivan Nova looks like he is pitching underhand, they can't hold leads, Girardi is screwing with the lineup, and there seems to be no hits with runners in scoring position. If the Yanks don't start to play winning baseball than they might not win the division or even make the playoffs for that matter.

Ivan Nova looks like absolute shit on the mound. At this pace he is lucky if he stays with the big league club for the stretch run because he just isn't getting guys out, and does not have an explanation for it. If you look at Nova's record of 10-6, you would think that he is having a pretty good season, but he has a 4.81 ERA, and opponents are batting a balmy .291 against him. Nova will start to hear the boos if this doesn't stop.

Can somebody explain to me why Curtis Granderson who has 29 home runs on the season is all of a sudden batting leadoff? Newsflash Girardi, you have Derek Jeter who is batting .315 on the season, and he gets on base more than Granderson does. Since moving to the leadoff spot Granderson is 2-20, yikes. It's time to stop screwing around with the lineup and get back to the lineup that had you winning ball games.

Bottom line is that everybody on the Yankees has to step up, manager included.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hottest Baseball Wife 2012

Diana Roberts
Heidi Hamels

Fantasy Baseball Dugout apparently runs a hottest baseball wife competition every year, and it is time for you to vote for the 2012 hottest baseball wife !  There are 21 wives that you can cast your vote for, and there is some stiff competition if Diana Roberts ( wife of Brian Roberts) wants to repeat as the baseballs hottest wife. Diana Roberts brings the heat as you can see in the picture above,

My vote is definitely going for Heidi Hamels who is pictured below Diana. Heidi is of course the wife of Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels. Heidi is not only one of the hottest wives in baseball, but she is now one of the richest after the Phillies gave Hamels that very high contract extension. The list also includes two time champion Heidi DeRosa, who won the competition in back to back years in 2008 and 2009. You can vote one time per hour until September 30th, and at that time , baseball's hottest wife 2012 will be crowned.
Vote here at Fantasy Baseball Dugout.