Saturday, July 7, 2012

Adrian Peterson arrested in Houston

All-Pro NFL RB Adrian Peterson was reportedly arrested early Saturday morning by the Houston Police Department. The stud running back allegedly spent the night in city jail and was released at approximately 10 AM ET Saturday morning on $1,000 bond. The former Oklahoma University standout was booked for resisting arrest. 

The details of Peterson's arrest are unknown, but Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reported that "the incident culminating in Peterson's arrest was captured by one or more surveillance cameras."

It will be interesting to see what evidence comes to the surface, but we should be getting more information later, so stay tuned for updates.

**UPDATE** Source: Adrian Peterson allegedly pushed an off-duty police officer at a bar prior to his arrest. The report also claims Peterson got into an argument with the man prior to the incident. 

P.S. Good thing our boy Adrian wasn't sippin' on any of that purple syrup they drink down in Houston (JaMarcus Russell anyone?)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ray Allen to visit Heat, Clippers

Free agent SG Ray Allen will be in Miami-Dade County this afternoon to meet with Pat Riley and the Miami Heat. Allen will also reportedly travel to Los Angeles on Friday for a meeting with the Clippers. Sources say LeBron James and Chris Paul are heavily recruiting the 10-time NBA All-Star.

In terms of money, the Heat can only offer Allen their $3.09 million mini-level-exception, while the Clippers will be able to offer their $5 million mid-level-exception (the Celtics are reportedly willing to pay Allen $5-6 million per year). Although Miami cannot match these offers dollar for dollar, we must remember Miami has no state tax, warm weather year round and arguably the best chance to win the title next year. Ray will be able to start and play a prominent role in the offense which is exactly what he is looking for.

Although a deal has not been finalized nor announced, I definitely think Ray will end up in Miami. A source told me Allen is working out a deal with the Heat at the moment and it is "95% complete." I have not received any confirmation on that yet, but it seems to be only a matter of time before Ray Allen becomes the newest member of the Miami Heat.

We should be getting some more information as the day progresses, so stay tuned for updates.

P.S. People are asking how the deal could be 95% done while Ray is still scheduled to meet with the Clippers tomorrow. First off, he doesn't have to travel out to LA to meet with Clippers management if he likes what he sees from Miami (Pat Riley is an extremely polarizing figure/salesman). Secondly, Allen may travel out to Los Angeles simply to give the Clippers his due diligence, only to return back to Miami and reach an agreement with the Heat on either Saturday or Sunday. So in conclusion, just because Ray may visit the Clippers doesn't mean this deal can't get done today, and also if Ray does travel out to LA, that doesn't mean the Heat are out of the running.

**UPDATE** (6/5/12 2:15 PM ET) The LA Clippers have come to terms with Jamal Crawford and Chauncey Billups. Also, the Clippers recently announced they have cancelled their meeting with Ray Allen. In other words, it looks like Ray will be taking his talents to South Beach (I wouldn't be surprised if a deal is in place before the end of today).

**UPDATE** (6/5/12 8:30 PM ET) Ray Allen is staying overnight in Miami as discussions continue between him and the Heat. It looks like its down to Boston and Miami at this point, but considering Avery Bradley and Jason Terry are both there, I definitely still think Ray goes to the Heat.

**UPDATE** (6/6/12 12:45 PM ET) Ray Allen has reportedly reached a verbal agreement with the Miami Heat.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lakers acquire 2-time MVP Steve Nash

In an unforeseen turn of events, the Lakers have made a major free-agency splash.

Just a few hours after the Knicks emerged as the front-runner in the Steve Nash sweepstakes, the Lakers pounced on the opportunity and traded for the 8-time All Star. The Suns will receive two first-round picks and two second-round picks (along with $3 million cash) in exchange for Nash. The deal makes sense for both sides considering Phoenix could have potentially lost Nash to free agency (and got nothing in return) while the Lakers become a significantly better team after the acquisition. Nash will be able to run an actual offense in Los Angeles (Mike Brown's "system" wasn't too effective last year if you didn't notice) as well as maneuver the pick and roll with at least one seven-foot big man (Gasol could still be moved but it looks like they will hold onto him for the time being).

For the Knicks fans: If the Knicks had been able to pull this deal off, it would have all but eliminated the possibility of retaining Jeremy Lin in the long-term. I wouldn't be surprised if Jason Kidd ends up signing with the Knicks (Kidd is obviously no Nash but he comes at a much cheaper price) to share point guard duties with (hopefully) J-Lin. Word on the street is the Rockets and Raptors could potentially offer Lin a back-loaded, "poison pill" contract, but since Nash is out of the picture, the Knicks should be able to retain Lin. His marketability alone is a good enough reason to put up the dollars, especially when you are in the largest media market in the country. Shumpert is coming off knee surgery and won't be ready for the start of the season so it's not like the Knicks don't need a PG. Even if a team does throw a ridiculously large offer in Lin's direction, I'm pretty confident the Knicks will match it no matter what.

P.S. If the Lakers happen to pull off a trade for Dwight Howard don't be surprised if David Stern unleashes the "veto" like he did Chris Paul. 

In other news, the Suns have signed Michael Beasley to a 3-year contract worth $18 million (good luck with that).

Knicks, Suns close to sign-and-trade for Nash

Source: The New York Knicks and Phoenix Suns are in "critical" discussions regarding a sign-and-trade deal that would send All-Star PG Steve Nash to the Big Apple. If this trade were to go down, Phoenix would receive Iman Shumpert and several other players with "cap-friendly" contracts such as Tony Douglas, Josh Harrellson and Jerome Jordan.

These moves would give the Knicks the necessary cap room to potentially sign Nash to a contract in the $25-$30 million range, as opposed to offering him the mid-level exception, which is only about $3 million per year (give or take). Although the Knicks are reluctant to give up Iman Shumpert, the source said they would move Shumpert if they absolutely had to in order to get Nash.

In all likelihood, if the Knicks were to land Nash, it would all but certainly lead to the departure of Jeremy Lin. The Knicks will simply not have the proper cap space to compete with the offers Lin will be getting from other suitors (particularly in 2014 and 2015) unless they trade either Melo, Stat, or Chandler (which is almost certainly not going to happen). Some team is going to give Lin a monster deal that the Knicks will be unable to match (I heard he is in Houston at the moment). Although Shumpert is an absolute stud and Lin is an up-and-coming potential star, Steve Nash will be able to run an actual offense and facilitate to guys like Carmelo and Amare as opposed to the Knicks constantly running one-on-one isolation. Nash and Stat were cash money running the pick and roll together out in Phoenix so hopefully the Knicks can get this deal done.

The problem is, where will the defense come from? Shumpert is a potential All-Defensive team player and besides Tyson Chandler, the Knicks don't really have anybody that consistently plays defense. Nash is an offensive magician, but will he be able to effectively guard and stay in front of younger, more athletic point guards? I honestly don't know, but what I do know is the Knicks will have to buy-in to a system and play defense as a team night in and night out. if they want to have any shot at competing with teams like Miami and Boston.

This deal has not been finalized nor is it official (as of 2:00 PM ET) but we should be getting more information soon, so stay tuned for updates. 

Wherever Jeremy Lin does end up, let's hope he can keep the "LINsanity" going!

Zach Parise, Ryan Suter choose Minnesota

Zach Parise and Ryan Suter have decided to take their talents to Minnesota and play for the Wild. The highly coveted free agents just recently announced their decisions today around noon ET.

A few days ago, it looked all but certain that Parise would join Sidney Crosby and play for the Penguins until rumors began to surface regarding the two free agents joining forces together in Minnesota (Zach's home state). I am hearing that Zach's fiancee, Alisha, did not want to remain in Newark nor did she want to reside in cities like Detroit or Pittsburgh (I didn't know she wore the skates). As a Devils fan, I didn't think Parise would come back and now that he is out West, I can't really complain. I thought for sure he would be a Penguin but his fiancee had different thoughts (pussy power prevails). Parise's deal is worth $98 million over 13 years.

While it was pretty obvious Suter would not be returning to Nashville, the Detroit Red Wings were rumored to be the front-runners during the early stages of the Suter sweepstakes. Rumors began to surface over the past few days that Suter and Parise had engaged in various conversations about playing together, particularly in Minnesota. No matter what anyone says, Pittsburgh would have had an extremely difficult time trying to fit Parise and Suter under the cap while still being able to retain Malkin, Letang and Neal down the road. Suter received basically the same base contract that Parise did (13-years, $98 million).

Although I have a ton of respect for Zach and what he has done for the Devils organization, I will be rooting against him and hoping Minnesota does not get anywhere near the Stanley Cup Finals.

Don't turn out to be like this guy, Zach!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dwight Howard Only Wants to go to Brooklyn

 Keeping up with the Nets theme, Dwight Howard only wants to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets, and nobody else. That is going to be pretty tough because as my buddy G wrote about earlier, the Nets have traded just about everyone they have under contract to the Atlanta Hawks for Joe Johnson. Also I think everybody is sick and tired of all this Dwight Howard trade talk because if he didn't want to stay in Orlando, why the hell would you sign the extension to keep you there for this year. By the way Howard has no clauses in his contract saying he can veto a trade so if I'm the Orlando Magic I would send him packing for the best deal I could get. He really is not worth another season long headache of him requesting to get traded because all that causes is for the locker room to become divided, and that does not translate into wins. Obviously Howard is not returning to the Orlando Magic after this upcoming season when his contract expires so any offer has to be considered seriously. Would the Magic care if Howard bitched and moaned all the way to his new city? For sure not. It's time for Dwight to leave Orlando, and personally I hope he never wins anything because he is a whiny bitch.

Deron Williams chooses to stay in BK

Free Agent All-Pro PG Deron Williams has decided to stay in Brooklyn.

Deron met with the Dallas Mavericks earlier today, but the discussions did not last too long and neither Mark Cuban nor Dirk Nowitzki were present. Thanks to the CBA, Dallas couldn't offer D-Will as much money as the Nets could, which had to have been a significant factor in the decision. Williams' new deal is worth approximately $100 million and will keep him with the Nets for another five years.

Deron has emphasized his desire to make a decision by the 4th of July in order to start practicing with his teammates for the Olympics, so expect an announcement within the next few days.

Brooklyn Nets aquire Joe Johnson from Atlanta

The Nets have reached an agreement with the Atlanta Hawks on a trade that would send All-Star SG Joe Johnson to Brooklyn. According to the agreement, Atlanta will receive Jordan Williams, Jordan Farmar, Johan Petro, Anthony Morrow, DeShawn Stevenson and a first-round draft pick in return for Johnson.

This move works for both teams. Atlanta gets rid of Johnson's nightmare contract as new GM Danny Ferry begins to rebuild. The Hawks also receive several expiring contracts which will give them even more cap room (to possibly go after Dwight or CP3 next summer). Atlanta continues to shed salary as they have just dealt Marvin Williams and word on the street is Josh Smith could be next.

While Johnson is arguably the most overpaid player in the league, the Nets had to bring in an upper-echelon player to help convince Deron Williams to return. Pending Williams' announcement to return to Brooklyn, the Nets have a poor man's big three (Williams, Johnson and Gerald Wallace), along with Brook Lopez and MarShawn Brooks. You can't blame the Nets for making this deal considering they are moving into a new arena and the largest media market in America. Let's be serious here people, Kris Humphries and Brook Lopez were not going to sell tickets or present marketing opportunities for the Nets.

***Deron Williams UPDATE*** Deron has already met with Dallas and is currently meeting with BK as I type this. Mark Cuban and Dirk were absent during the meeting (that tells us something folks). Another thing: Considering Deron scheduled the Dallas meeting before the Brooklyn meeting also tells us a little something. I have been hearing rumors for days that Deron has been leaning towards the Nets. He truly enjoys living on the east coast and would love to be a part of the transition into BK. This Joe Johnson deal just about puts the icing on the cake, so expect an announcement within the next few days regarding D-Will and his return to BK.