Saturday, March 31, 2012

NFL Bust Ryan Leaf Arrested Again

With the second pick in the 1998 NFL draft, the San Diego Chargers select colossal bust Ryan Leaf. He was thought to be one of the best players in the draft alongside Peyton Manning. Talk about two entirely different stories in the 2012 off-season, with Peyton Manning being the most sought after free agent, and Ryan Leaf being arrested for burglary of a residence and felony possession of dangerous drugs. Back in May 2009, Leaf was indicted on similar charges in Texas of burglary and controlled substances charges. Eventually he pleaded guilty to 7 counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, along with one count of delivery of a simulated controlled substance. In retrospect Leaf got off easy with 10 years probation and a 20,000 dollar fine. This most recent arrest comes in his hometown of Great Falls, Montana on Friday afternoon. This is going to end very badly for one of the most disappointing draft picks in recent memory. If found guilty Leaf will undoubtedly go to jail for a very long time, as this violates his probation, and it is his second time being arrested for virtually the same thing. If you look up the term"fuck up" in the dictionary you will see a picture of Ryan Leaf signing a 31 million dollar contract, along with both of his mugshots.

Meanwhile Peyton Manning has been doing pretty good for himself, 4 time NFL MVP, Super Bowl champion, endorsements, and not to mention the 5 year 96 million dollar contract he signed just two weeks ago. Peyton is still the man in the NFL, and Ryan Leaf is on a downward spiral, that will eventually end in a substantial jail sentence. Peyton has close to 55,000 passing yards in his career to Ryan Leafs 3,666, Manning has 399 touchdown passes to Leafs 14, and Manning is entering his 15th year compared to Leaf facing 15 years in prison. The list goes on and on about the top two quarterbacks drafted in the 1998 draft, and to think that Leaf was supposed to be better then Manning.

Leaf is expected to make his initial court appearance Monday.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Trent Richardson Bowls Over Browns RB Coach

Browns running back coach who is ironically named Gary Brown, wanted to get an up close and personal look at stud running back Trent Richardson. I think Gary Brown got a good idea of how strong Trent Richardson is, and I think he will have a conversation with Browns GM and coach that this guy needs to be in Cleveland. The Browns have the fourth pick in the draft so Richardson could be headed to Cleveland in a couple of weeks.

P.S. Have somebody else volunteer to hold the bag next time.

Crosby Takes Puck To Face

Sidney Crosby takes a puck straight to the face early in last night's game against the Islanders. Despite initially being shaken up, Crosby would return to the game, which is definitely good news for the injury-prone phenom. Crosby has missed significant amounts of time (basically all of 2011) due to concussion-like symptoms, but even though we are avid Devils fans, let's hope Sid the Kid can overcome these injury woes and continue his stellar career.

Nash Open to Play for the Miami Heat

The real question is who doesn't want to play for the Miami Heat these days? Steve Nash is scheduled to be a free agent after the season, and said he won't go back to Phoenix unless there is improvement (aka he wont be back for the Suns.) At 38 years old, the scoring is not what it used to be averaging a little over 12 points per game, but he still averages over 11 assists a game and leads the league in that category. Imagine what he would do with 3 superstars to pass to instead of Jared Dudley and old man Grant Hill. Nash, who has never won a championship, would have one hell of a chance if he joins the Heat following this season. Nash would have to take a major pay cut to play for the Heat because they will have little cap space to sign free agents in the summer. Nash has made over 120 million in his career, and is not a moron like Allen Iverson who is looking to mow some lawns for some extra cash. I think Nash would absolutely take a pay cut because the guy wants to win a championship so badly, so he could care less about the money. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh have a good chance of winning a championship this year, but they have to be salivating at the mouth at the thought of Steve Nash feeding them the basketball. The Heat still wouldn't have a center, but who needs one when you could potentially have 4 of the top players in the league on the court at the same time. Should be interesting to see what Nash will do. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ray Lewis Is The Man

Ray Lewis is the king of motivation.

Check out this pregame NIT semifinal speech that Ray gave the Stanford Cardinals before they took the floor against UMass the other night. This is definitely a dope motivational speech, but my question is, why isn't Ray down in New Orleans giving Louisville some confidence before the big game against Kentucky? Don't get me wrong, no disrespect towards Stanford, but it's a fucking NIT game.

Blake Griffin Over Channing Frye

Poor Channing Frye had no chance to stop Blake Griffin on this one. He should have saved himself the embarrassment and not even tried to get in the way of Griffin. Blake seems to have at least one highlight dunk in every game, and shows no signs of letting up.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bynum Gets Benched, Acts Like a Baby

Andrew Bynum was benched by head coach Mike Brown after Bynum jacked up a three early in the Lakers possession. Bynum has only attempted seven 3's in his career, and most of those have been a result of the shot clock running down. Bynum made his first 3 on Sunday against the Memphis Grizzlies, and all of a sudden he thinks he is Ray Allen. As you can see above, it was just an awful shot by Bynum that barely hit rim, so it is understandable that his stupid shot landed him a spot on the Lakers Bench. Brown said it could have taken the team out of rhythm so he took him out of the game. When Bynum was on the bench, he would not join his teammates in the huddle for timeouts, and after a great play by Metta World Peace he was the only one not standing up and clapping for the good play of his teammate. Hey Bynum, newsflash if you take bad shots you are going to get benched, it doesn't mean you have to be a little bitch about it. After the game Bynum talked about taking more threes "I guess, 'Don't take 3s' is the message, but I'm going to take another one and I'm going to take some more, so I just hope it's not the same result." How about not taking threes because your shot is as bad as it gets from long range. Bynum's game is obviously down low in the paint and everybody knows it. You are grown man Andrew, stop acting like a 7 year old that got told he can't have ice cream. Bynum finished with 11 points.

Dodgers Sell for 2 Billion

The group led by Magic Johnson bought the Los Angeles Dodgers for a whopping 2 billion dollars. This is the most amount of money paid for a professional sports team in North America. I mean the Dodgers aren't even the best team in their own city, and Frank McCourt can still manage to sell the team for 2 billion. McCourt bought the team back in 2004 for only 430 million dollars, and the Dodgers haven't done shit in those 8 years. Imagine how much it would cost to buy the Yankees, who have the most fans in the nation, are continually in the playoffs, and have won a championship in recent years. So Frank McCourt who basically was forced to sell the team because it was bankrupt is laughing all the way to the bank. The Dodgers were 579 million dollars in debt so McCourt will stand to rake in around 1.25 billion dollars when everything is said and done. Personally I wanted the group that included Mark Cuban to buy the Dodgers because Cuban would be great for the Dodgers and for baseball. Can this ownership turn things around for the Dodgers or will they continue to be the little brother to the Angels? The Dodgers did win the NL west division in 2008 and 2009, but failed to make any noise in the playoffs. Good Luck to the "Guggenheim Baseball Management group" as they call themselves, First order of business is to change the fucking name of your group.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

McDonalds HS All-American Slam Dunk Contest

 For those of you that missed last night's dunk contest, here are some highlights. The nation's top recruit, Shabazz Muhammad, took home the competition, with a close victory over Archie Goodwin. Check out some more videos of Shabazz Muhammad if you get a chance. He is absolutely disgusting and has yet to decide where he will play collegiate ball next year. Be sure to tune in to the actual HS All-American game, which takes place Wednesday night in Chicago at the United Center.

Joakim Noah Tosses Ball at Official

 Joakim Noah lost his temper the other night in a game versus the Raptors. Towards the end of the second quarter, the former Gator was whistled for an obvious foul on Andrea Bargnani. Noah did not agree with the call and was T'd up as a result. Joakim proceeded by tossing the basketball in the direction of referee Derrick Collins and yelling "FUCK YOU" at the official (not the best idea). Noah was issued his second technical foul and was immediately ejected. The camera angle isn't the best, but you can clearly read Noah's lips after he gets his second technical.

Camby Hits Full Court Shot

Old man Marcus Camby hit a full court shot, too bad he didn't get any points for it as it came after the 3rd quarter buzzer. Anyway cool shot Marcus.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Amare Stoudemire out Indefinitely

Bad News for the New York Knicks as Amare Stoudemire will be sidelined for the foreseeable future with a bulging disk in his lower back. Amare has opted not to have surgery, and hopes that he can be available come playoff time. He will seek a second opinion in Miami, but a bulging disc is a bulging disc whether you are in New York or Miami. After struggling for the early part of the season, Stoudemire has shot the ball better in recent weeks, averaging 18 points and shooting 57% from the field in his last five games. The injury could not have came at a worse time as the Knicks were just starting to play some good basketball under the interim head coach Mike Woodson. They still have a one and a half game lead on Milwaukee for the final playoff spot in the east. If there was ever a time for Carmelo Anthony to put the team on his back it's right now. That does not mean start jacking up shots 25 times a game, that means scoring, assists, and defense because Melo is capable of being great in all three, it is just a matter of if he wants to or not. Carmelo has to lead by example because he has career lows in shooting percentage and points per game. It is time Carmelo to show New York that he is capable of winning them a championship

Jeremy Lin also sat out on Monday night due to a sore knee.

P.S. I have never seen anyone rise into the sports spotlight so quickly or fall so quickly as Jeremy Lin did. Don't get me wrong he is still playing well, but Linsanity seems to be a thing of the past.

Tebow Introduced in New York

Tim Tebow was introduced to the New York media this afternoon, and give the guy credit, he stood up there and fielded questions for 30 minutes. He answered every question how you thought he would, praised the Jets coaching staff, and said he and Sanchez can work well together. He says he has a good relationship with Mark and he plans on keeping it that way. Tebow is open to anything on the field that will help the team win, and I believe he will do whatever it takes to be the best teammate he can be. If Tebow can run the wildcat for 10-15 plays a game and be effective, then the Jets will be more dynamic on offense than they have been in recent years. Going back a couple years the Jets had Brad Smith running the wildcat and he was very good at it, now put it in a guy that can run and pass, and you have an offense that will be tough to defend. Another note it was Tebow's choice to go the Jets instead of his hometown Jaguars because even though he didn't say it, the Jaguars blow. Tebowmania has begun in NY and lets hope for the Jets to return to Hard Knocks when training camp starts in July.

Bill Parcells to Coach the Saints?

 With Sean Payton suspended for the entire 2012 season, Payton has approached Bill Parcells about being the interim head coach in New Orleans. According to sources, Payton and Parcells have spoken numerous times about the job since Roger Goodell handed down the punishments last week. Although Payton is thinking about appealing his suspension, but it is unlikely that it will be shortened. Sean Payton was the assistant head coach in Dallas from 2003-2005 when Parcells was the head coach for the Cowboys. Parcells who is now an ESPN analyst did not get into the Hall of Fame this past year, and if he comes back to coach the Saints, he will have to wait another five years to be on the ballot again. Even though Payton and Parcells are friends, I don't see this happening because he hasn't coached since 2006, and he already has a great job at ESPN. He retired from coaching after the 2006 season with the Cowboys after he led them to a 34-32 record with no playoff wins. After coaching he went on to be the VP of football operations in Miami and helped turn them into a playoff team in the 2008 season. Ever Since Parcells left the Dolphins they have been dreadful with no franchise quarterback, and it seems that nobody in the league wants to play for Miami. If Parcells does come back to coach the Saints, then Sean Payton's suspension will not be that big of a deal because Parcells knows how to win ballgames. The guy has 172 regular season wins, and two Super Bowls with the Giants. The lack of a leader problem would be solved immediately if Parcells comes in to coach, and could definitely lead the Saints back to the playoffs. However he will be 71 years old in August, and having not coached in 5 years, I don't see him coming back to coach the Saints for one season.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Final Four is Set

Kentucky vs. Louisville- The Battle of Kentucky. Rick Pitino's Louisville squad has won 8 in a row, and they have been playing with a lot of confidence. Kentucky has been the best team in the country for virtually the entire year, and thats why they are in the Final Four. I think this is going to be a crazy rivalry game that could go either way. If Louisville can get the recent play they have got out of Chris Smith and Gorgui Dieng then I think Louisville will win the game. However Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist have been two of the best players in the nation for the entire season. This game tips off at 6:09 PM ET on Saturday in New Orleans. Pick: Louisville.

Ohio State vs. Kansas- Both of the two seeds in the Final Four will square off. Ohio State looked awfully good in the regional final game against Syracuse mainly because of Jared Sullinger. Kansas is peaking at the right time with a 13 point victory over the North Carolina Tarheels. Kansas is led by Thomas Robinson and Tyshawn Taylor who have been very good in their last two games. Sullinger can get into foul trouble if you go right at him, and Ohio State is a different team without him on the floor. Also Sullinger has struggled against taller defenders, and Kansas has Jeff Withey who stands at 7'0". I think the players surrounding Taylor and Robinson on Kansas are better then the players that surround Sullinger and Deshaun Thomas. Game tips off at 8:49 PM ET on Saturday in New Orleans. Pick: Kansas.

Tiger Wins Arnold Palmer Invitational

He is back. Tiger Woods has been so close over recent weeks, and he put it all together to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill. It seemed the rest of the field shot over par on Sunday, but Tiger didn't, he shot a 2 under 70 to win by five strokes over Graeme McDowell. It has been 924 days, 108 tournaments, and 72 winners since Tiger's last official win on the PGA tour ( He won his tournament last November, but it was an unofficial event.) This win could not have came at a better time for Woods as he now prepares for the Masters which starts April 5th. Along with all the cheers and Tiger chants after the final putt, there was a collective "oh shit" from the rest of the golfers because if Tiger is back to winning tournaments then they are not. If you have followed Tiger this season, it was only a matter of time before he won a tournament, and it came at Arnold Palmer's event which he has now won 7 times. For all the morons that said Tiger will never win again, you are stupid. If he wasn't already the favorite for the Masters, he is now. There is no doubt he will contend at Augusta because he virtually always does, and it doesn't matter what is going on with his swing or personal life, but now he has put it all together as he looks to capture his 15th major. If Tiger plays the way he played this week, then he will win the Masters in runaway fashion. Again the Masters starts Thursday April 5th. The confidence is back, the swing is back, the win is back, and Tiger will be a force to reckoned in every tournament he plays in.