Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pat Knight Following in Dad's Footsteps

 Pat Knight, the son of Indiana legend Bob Knight, made headlines for publicly ripping his Lamar Cardinals in a post game media session. During the press conference, Knight said,"We've got the worst group of seniors right now that I've ever been associated with." Those are some strong words for a bunch of college kids, but it didn't end there. Knight continued by saying, "Their mentality is awful. Their attitude is awful...these guys are stealing money by being on scholarship with their approach to things." Damn, it seems like these Lamar seniors really don't give a fuck.

Knight also brought up problems in the class room, drug use, as well as on-the-court issues (no surprise there folks). My guess is that these guys aren't going to the NBA (nor do they have any significant educational background), thus they are just trying to maximize their final days in college (can't blame them for that). I understand that Pat Knight is trying to light a fire underneath his players, but I mean it seems like these guys don't give a shit.

Lamar's leading scorer Mike James was talking to reporters after Wednesday's loss when Knight promptly stopped him, told him to leave the press conference, and added that the Senior did not know what it took to win a ball game. You gotta love this rant by Knight and it will probably go down as the funniest post game press conference of the year. Enjoy.

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Team Chuck Wins , Attributes Win to the Defense

Just your usual 146-133 victory for Team Chuck over Team Shaq. Kyrie Irving had 34 points and 8 threes.  This game probably had better dunks than what  we will see later on tonight at the dunk contest. What do you think the score of the NBA All Star game will be ? Over Under has to be like 290 or something ridiculous.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Rasheed to the Lakers?

 I don't know what was slipped into Mitch Kupchak's coffee this morning, but word on the street is the Lakers are bringing in free agent Rasheed Wallace. Now to say that my boy Rasheed is washed-up is an understatement my friends. While I will admit Rasheed has had some productive seasons in the NBA (maybe like ten years ago), I don't see the point in this. I thought the Lakers needed a point guard but instead they go and sign this scrub who hasn't played in like two years. I get that the Lakers need shooters, but I mean Rasheed shot like 25% from downtown in his last season with Boston. I know 'Sheed has some natural ability and talent, but he is 37 years old and I am unaware whether he is in shape or not. It has been reported that he is in better shape than he was before his retirement, but I'll believe it when I see it. Just having Metta World Peace on your squad is one too many goons... but now Rasheed (the all-time leader in techs with 304) too? Damn I hope the Lakers front office did their homework or some shit because this could get ugly.

Pirates President Faces 4 DUI related Charges

On December 22nd police charged Pittsburgh Pirates president Frank Coonelly with drunk driving, driving the wrong way, careless driving, and driving with a blood alcohol content of twice the legal limit. That must have been some Christmas party ! Other than embarrassing the team publicly, this pretty much gives the Pittsburgh Pirates the right to go absolutely nuts this season. Whether its getting caught with weed, getting drunk and pissing on a cop car, or making it rain in the strip club, the Pittsburgh Pirates literally have a free pass. Like what will the President do ? Call the player into the office and look him straight in the eye and give him a lecture on what the Pittsburgh Pirates stand for ? Yeah Right ! You can't punish a guy for getting arrested or doing something stupid because you were googly eyed behind the wheel and driving the wrong fucking way ! El Presidente was not simply driving drunk this had to be falling on your face hammered while trying to find where you parked the car. If I am on the Pirate roster this season, once the team is out of playoff contention which will be in like late May I would just go out get hammered and show up to play the next day with a little buzz on. Not to be shown up, the vice president is putting a plan in place to embezzle money from the Pirates. Its a party in Pittsburgh !

Big Ben being a Team Player?

 Ben Roethlisberger (yes ladies you know who I am talking about) has finally found his name in the headlines for the right reason. The 2 time SB champ has agreed to restructure his contract which would help the Steelers free up cap space in order to retain some of their key contributors (Mike Wallace in particular). Although it seems like he is taking one for the team, (I'm not knocking him, I'm just telling it how it is) in reality Big Ben isn't really giving up any money. In fact, he is getting a bunch of money up front ($9 million or something) that would have been part of his base salary for seasons to come. When you think of it like that, it's basically like Roethlisberger is just getting hooked up for nothing (he pretty much is), yet being portrayed as a true team player. Anyhow, I'm not here to knock this dude. Even though it's not as selfless as it looks, you still don't see everybody volunteering to restructure their deals to benefit the team as a whole. Good looks to Big Ben though for attempting to help revamp his previously tarnished image and hopefully he has gotten over that habit / phase (whatever you want to call it) of his. 

Braun Wins Appeal and gets Suspension Lifted

You gotta be kidding me ! How in the hell did Ryan Braun pull this one off ? He is the first one to appeal a positive drug test suspension and have it overturned. Arbitrators voted 2-1 in favor of Braun after exposing the mishandling of his drug test. So the collector got Braun's piss and thought it was too late to send by FedEx as it was late Saturday night, so the collector took the pee home and kept it in a cool place. According to the report this has happened before and the collector is supposed to send the sample as soon as possible. The seals were intact when MLB received the drug test and they confirmed that there was synthetic testosterone in the pee. Also synthetic testosterone does not just show up in the pee if the pee had been sitting around for a day or two. Braun exploited that his urine sample was not sent right away to get analyzed and this is the reason that Braun won the appeal of the 50 game suspension. Apparently MLB officials are  extremely mad at the decision as they have a zero tolerance policy about substance use in the game of baseball. CEO of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said it was a shame that this technicality let a player off and a sad day for clean players in the game of baseball. Braun got out of the 50 game suspension and will report to training camp today, however this does not mean that he did not take an illegal substance. A couple days after Braun was notified of the positive test, he requested to take another one and that one came back with normal testosterone levels. This whole thing sounds fishy to me and Ryan Braun may very well have took something, but he just did not get suspended for and still could be pegged as guilty by fans around baseball.

Tiger Ousted in Match Play

Tiger barely beat no name Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano on Wednesday and on Thursday he lost to Nick Watney as he could not sink key putts. In the last 6 holes of the match, Tiger had three birdie putts inside ten feet and he missed them all. The biggest miss of them all was on the 18th hole when Tiger had a chance to extend the match to extra holes and Tiger missed the five foot birdie putt. He also lost in the second round of this event last year. Tiger's putting has been an issue all year when he had leads in tournaments and squandered them away when he could not make the putts that the old Tiger poured in time after time. The world is waiting for Tiger to put everything together and win an official tournament which he has not done in two and a half years (Tiger won his own event in November but it is unofficial). Tiger heads to Florida next week to play in the not so hot Honda Classic, an event Tiger has never played in because simply it is not a premier event. Who knows when Tiger will win next , hopefully he can pull everything together before the Masters in April. I believe all it is going to take is one win for Tiger to get his confidence back and go on a Tiger tear. The putter will have to start working because from tee to green he looks very comfortable with his swing. All eyes turn to Rory Mcilroy who is still in the Match play event and is playing very well.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

J Lin Locked Up

 The Miami Heat made it clear last night that Jeremy Lin was not going to be the one to beat them. J Lin shot an atrocious 1-11 from the field and was swarmed by defenders virtually every time he touched the ball. Lin did not play like himself (by far his worst game as a Knick) and Baron Davis didn't pick up the slack in his defense. The two combined for 1-18 from the floor, and Lin reverted back to his old ways, as he put up 8 turnovers and posted a career worst -18 +/- rating. For once it seemed like J Lin hurt the team more than he helped, but this was arguably his toughest matchup yet, and playing on the road @ Miami isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. Even the greatest players have bad games and off days, so I'm gonna cut my boy Linsanity a break on this one. My dude's gonna have to think about this one for a couple extra nights, but in the grand scheme of things, this was just one regular season game and I'm sure he'll bounce back strong against Cleveland.

Despite J Lin's off night, The Linsanity will continue all year long in NY.

Richardson Sidelined from the Combine

All-World Alabama RB Trent Richardson had his knee scoped about three weeks ago and thus will not be able to participate in on-field drills at the NFL Combine. Richardson reportedly injured his knee in practice while preparing for the BCS National Championship back in January. I doubt this will scare teams away or hurt his draft stock because we all know what Trent Richardson is capable of doing (both on the field and in the weight room) and plus it's only a minor procedure. He's still gonna be the first running back off the board and most likely a top ten draft pick (I could see a team like the Jets moving up to snag him).

Here's a dope video of Richardson in the weight room. He doesn't even know exactly what his max bench is because they don't let him go over 460 (which he says is easy). I don't know about you guys, but I want this dude on my team (plus he macks it to Erin Andrews, the former UF dazzler).

Javaris Crittenton in Trouble Again

Javaris Crittenton just can't seem to keep himself out of trouble. The former first round draft pick was reportedly going 60 in a 45 and then refused to get out of the car or sign a speeding ticket when he was pulled over (authorities also said he was uncooperative). The former Georgia Tech star never really panned out in the NBA and (this is unfortunate but probably true) you guys probably know him as the dude that brought guns into the Wizards locker room with Gilbert Arenas. If you didn't already know the story, Crittenton reportedly owed Arenas money (aka gambling debt) which stemmed from card games that I believe took place on the team airplane (probably not the best idea). Agent 0 tried to play it off like it was just a little joke, but I mean the dude brought four unlicensed guns into the Wizards locker room and not only violated NBA rules, but Washington D.C. laws as well. Almost two years later in August 2011 (after it seemed like Javaris had put this whole incident behind him), Crittenton was charged with the murder of a woman in a drive-by shooting in downtown Atlanta. Rumor has it that Crittenton was robbed in April 2011 of his chain (i think it was like 50 g's or something), and in retaliation, he executed this drive-by shooting but missed his target (a stray bullet hit the mother of four who was walking with a small group of people). As Crittenton awaits trial, you would think he'd try to keep a low profile, but I guess this dude just doesn't get it.

Elijah Dukes Arrested Again

Elijah Dukes is no stranger to law enforcement (you can say that again). Behavior has always been an issue for this once highly-touted third round draft pick. Our boy Elijah was first arrested back in 1997 for battery (I think he was 13 years old) and has been detained like twenty-something times throughout the years. Dukes' criminal record ranges from missed child support payments, to multiple assault/battery charges. This dude's got six kids with four different girls, and as of last February, he began rapping under the name "Fly Eli" (talk about a fuck up). In a past interview with the Tampa Tribune (I think it was like a year ago), Dukes admitted to smoking weed before Nationals home games (I can tell by the picture bro). Elijah's most recent run-in with the law occurred early Thursday morning during a routine traffic stop. After getting pulled over, Dukes allegedly tried to eat a bag of marijuana that he had on him (you gotta love it). Despite the clever attempt by Dukes, cops noticed some shake on his t-shirt and thus realized what he was trying to do. He was charged with marijuana possession, tampering with evidence, and I'm pretty sure he was driving with either a suspended or revoked license (no surprise there). Dukes has been out of the league for almost two years now and a comeback seems highly unlikely at this point (you can say that again).

Ex-Virginia Lacrosse Player Guilty of Murder

Ex-Virgina lacrosse player George Huguely was found guilty of second-degree murder and grand larceny in the killing of Yeardley Love, who also played lacrosse at Virginia. Huguely was  convicted of grand larceny because he stole her laptop when he left the scene of the crime. Jurors took nine hours in the deliberation room before reaching the guilty verdict. Huguely was drunk before he broke down the door to Love's room and beat her to death. It was a pretty clear cut case with evidence  putting Huguely in Love's room and a e-mail that Huguely had wrote before the killing that said " I should have killed you". Also hours after Love's death he gave a statement to the police and said he had shaken love, grabbed her by the neck,and wrestled her to the floor. Obviously that was not all he did as he beat her up and left her to die. Medical experts found that Love died of blunt force trauma to the head and that she was beaten so badly her brain was bruised as well as bleeding at the base of her brain stem. His defense tried to portray Huguely as a man who's problems with alcohol had spiraled out of control. The defense attorneys also tried to say that Yeardley's death was not related to the beating but was drugs and alcohol in Love's system (absurd). Obviously the defense attorneys knew what they were getting into with this case and the best they could do was get second-degree murder instead of first.

Huguely faced 5 to 40 years for the murder conviction and up to 20 years for  grand larceny. The Jury recommended that he serve 25 years for the murder charge and one year for grand larceny charge, a formal sentencing will occur at a later date. The judge can only lower the sentence recommended by the Jury but can not add to it. The jury gave quite a light sentence when you think about it, as most people believe he should have received at least 30 plus years for the murder charge. As the verdict was read, Huguely sat there and didn't move a muscle and showed no emotion. Love's mother and sister were in attendance and stared coldly at Huguely's direction the entire time. Love was 22 when she was murdered and had plans to work to in New York after graduation which was only a couple weeks away.

Don't Call Me "El Hombre"

 The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (wait does that even make sense?)  put up around 70 billboards and 20 of them pictured Albert Pujols swinging a bat with the words "El Hombre". For all you Spanish challenged out there el hombre translates to the man. Pujols does not want to be called that because of Stan "the man" Musial and Pujols does not want to take anything away from Stan The Man. It is not like the Angels are calling him Albert "El Hombre" Pujols they are just simply saying hes the man as in you da man Albert! Now because of these billboards Pujols is demanding a trade because this is simply unforgivable. Just kidding this is not a big deal, from now on the Angels will have their billboards checked with the 250 million dollar man before they paste them all over southern California. If you don't want to be called El Hombre then change the billboards yourself or is that going to be too expensive for you Albert? So all you Angels fans, when Albert hits a walk off home run please refrain from telling coworkers and friends that Pujols is the man because he would prefer you called him " El Culo Hombre". If you don't know what that is type it into Google translate because Albert is definitely a el culo hombre.

I Didn't Know JaVale McGee Played Volleyball

JaVale McGee has done a bunch of stupid shit so far during his young NBA career. Whether it was the bar fight with teammate Andray Blatche on Christmas Eve, the time he criticized the players union (his own side) during heated labor negotiations, or when he got a technical for hanging on the rim late in the 4th quarter while getting blown out by Chi-town. But wait it gets better...we cannot forget when McGee's mother referred to her son JaVale as "the future of the NBA." Need I say more?

Last night in a fairly close game against Sacramento, JaVale McGee blatantly swats the ball like 6 or 7 rows back into the stands (it looks like he is spiking a volleyball). JaVale nonchalantely joggs back to the other end after clearly interfering with the ball after it had reached it's apex (I'm surprised there wasn't a smirk on his face because he obviously knew what he was doing). New coach Randy Wittman immediately pulled McGee and didn't put him back in the game (former coach Flip Saunders benched McGee earlier in the season for throwing an alley-oop to himself off the backboard). Anyways, I just thought this was funny and this dude is bound to do something stupid again, so stay tuned!

Lin Game Worn Jersey for $42,388

Yes Jeremy Lin is all the rage right now in the NBA, but 40,000 plus for a fucking jersey that he sweated up against the Lakers? The money does go to charity so it's not like Lin was selling his own jersey on eBay or something. Four tickets to last nights game against the Atlanta Hawks were included in the package with a chance to meet Lin after the game. Hopefully the high bidder was just doing a good deed for the charity that this auction benefited and was not just throwing 40 grand away for a sweaty jersey. There are some authentic jerseys on eBay for about 50 bucks if this guy really needed his jersey so badly. For the winners sake hopefully Lin can continue this kind of play for the rest of the season and his career because if not it was a hell of a way to blow 40,000 dollars. The winner requested to remain anonymous because this guy must have money coming out of his ears or something and didn't want to get robbed walking out of the Knick game on Wednesday night. Good for the charity though, maybe for next weeks auction they can get Jeremy Lin's old retainer and sell it for a couple million !!

Dunk Contest Gets Worse

On Wednesday it was announced Knicks guard Iman Shumpert will not participate in the dunk contest due to a knee injury. Want to know who they replaced him with ? A Utah Jazz forward named Jeremy Evans who averages 5 minutes a game with a whopping 1.7 points a game, and has a total of 27 points on the season. There is not much dunking on the bench where this guy seems to reside. There is seriously nobody else that would participate in the dunk contest that you had to go with the towel boy for the Utah Jazz. God forbid somebody else in the dunk contest can't do it because then we are looking at signing up a mascot to jump on a trampoline. Seems to be rock bottom for the NBA dunk contest with no stars whatsoever.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Champions League Round of 16 Round-Up

The first leg of the round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League has come and gone. Here are the first leg scorelines (Home team first, as always):

A.C. Milan 4-0 Arsenal
FC Basel 1-0 Bayern Munich
Olympique Marseille 1-0 Inter Milan
CSKA Moscow 1-1 Real Madrid
Napoli 3-1 Chelsea FC
Zenit St. Petersburg 3-2 Benfica
Lyon 1-0 Apoel Nicosia
Bayer Leverkusen 1-3 Barcelona

The English teams did not fare very well, as you can see. Arsenal need nothing short of a miracle at the Emirates in order to progress past an AC Milan side that ran rampant at the San Siro. Zlatan Ibrahomic in particular was very impressive, bossing the game throughout with his superb technique and creativity, as well as getting on the scoresheet in the process. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger (pictured, above left), who has seen his team underperform this season after losing two of his three best players in the summer, is no doubt under heavy pressure from his boardroom after this embarrassing loss, despite having been in charge at Arsenal for well over a decade.

Chelsea did not fare much better in Italy, going into the second leg with a 2-goal deficit to overcome. They can take only little solace from their away goal, as I fully expect the magnificent attacking trio of Hamsik, Levezzi, and Cavani to be able to nick a goal (at least) during the return leg in London. The young (the same age as some of his veteran players) Chelsea manager, Andre Villas-Boas (pictured, above right), is certainly now only one loss away from losing the job he received a scant 6 months ago. Pay close attention to both Chelsea and Arsenal this weekend when the Premier League returns; both Wenger and Villas-Boas could be sacked should they fail to get good results in their upcoming fixtures against Tottenham and Bolton (respectively)

The 1-1 scoreline between CSKA and Real Madrid in Moscow is intriguing, with CSKA nabbing a goal right at the very death against a Real Madrid that was for the most part superior throughout the game. The Muscovites have a very difficult challenge ahead of them next week when they head to the Bernabeu, where Madrid will likely again dominate them, but this time expect them to put 3 goals or more past them.

Defending Champions Barcelona were clinical in their 1-3 victory over Leverkusen. Although it is all but over for Leverkusen, expect the German sides to be very strong in the coming years in this competition. Leverkusen, Dortmund, and of course Bayern all have very strong young cores that will develop further.

Finally, I feel obligated to point out Apoel Nicosia, the champions from Cyprus who defied the odds and not only qualified but won their group during the previous stage of this competition. They leave France only one goal down, and not having been terribly impressed with Lyon's performance, I can not rule out a surprise victory for the Cypriot side that has been a joy to follow.

Tiger WINS !!

Just a first round round match don't get too excited, and he nearly lost to some asshole with a popped collar. Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano called Tiger beatable before the first round of the match play event and Tiger looked the part today. If Tiger does not get it together quick he is looking at a second round loss to Nick Watney. Tiger was found his ball in bushes and on rocks in today's round and hopefully he gets some tonight so he can be nice and relaxed for Thursday's round. Will the Tiger of old ever be back to dominate the game of golf? That remains to be seen as he has shown glimpses of great golf but has not put a full official tournament together. Match play is where he can go deep in the tournament because all he has to do is be better than the guy he plays with and not the entire field. Also Phil will not be seen at this weeks match play tournament because he is on a family vacation. A strange week to go on a family vacation with 66 of the top players in the world at a tournament where there is big money to be had. Phil could have taken off next week with the Honda Classic next on the schedule for the PGA.

Tiger almost lost to this clown and his popped collar.

Dodgers Reliever Likes to Party

Ronald Belisario is a Dodgers relief pitcher, but only when he can get into the Unites States to pitch. He missed all of last season due to visa issues and he attributes that to testing positive for cocaine. Belisario has also said he does not remember when or where he did cocaine. This guy was actually pretty good in 2009 putting up a 2.04 ERA, but sucked in 2010 and messed around in some weekend Venezuelan league in 2011. Ronald faces a nice 25 game suspension to start this season before he can pitch for the Dodgers, if he even makes the team. Belisario,  who vanished for a month in 2010 and did not give a reason why also had a nice DUI in Pasadena in 2009. This guy obviously likes to party and there seems to be no stopping him. My prediction for 2012 is certainly another DUI and lets go with an arrest for intent to sell , Who knows !! Maybe he will hit up the Oil Can and they can do coke together.

Paul George Rises Up

 Paul George of the Indiana Pacers threw down a pretty dope windmill dunk last night towards the end of OT. The former Fresno State standout will participate in the dunk contest this weekend and I'm gonna have to go ahead and pick him to win it. Although officially listed at 6'8, the Indianapolis Star reported that he grew two inches to 6 foot 10 during the '11 off-season. George uses his 7-foot wing span and 40' vertical leap to rise up over defenders and get to the rack. In only his 2nd season in the NBA, the 21 year old is having a breakout year (he has started almost twice as many games as last year already). Although Paul George is still somewhat underground amongst NBA fans (except for those in Indiana and California), he has freakish athletic abilities and a bright future in this league. Anyways, Paul George found himself on a breakaway last night and gave us a little preview of the dunk contest with this windmill throw down.

Braun appealing suspension, no MVP for Kemp

Ryan Braun is in the process of appealing a 50 game suspension for a positive drug test, an appeal that Braun has slim chances of winning. Matt Kemp who was second in the MVP voting says he would not want the MVP on these terms and wants to win it fair and square. Braun who tested positive for a performance enhancing drug, has denied it from the very start, but it is very hard to prove that a drug test was a false positive. Braun is not exactly a big guy, standing at 6'1" and only 202 pounds , but he has a lot of pop in his bat and it is very unfortunate that he used PED's. Commissioner Bud Selig takes these issues very seriously ever since the Mitchell report came out a couple of years ago, and has no tolerance for steroid use in baseball. If he happens to get caught again that means its a hundred game suspension. Caught a 3rd time and that player is banned from baseball, it hasn't happened yet and you would have to be a full on retard to get caught three times. Hopefully for the game of baseball Braun can somehow win this appeal because he the MVP winner should not be associated performance enhancing drugs.

Braun is pulling a Palmeiro, cant really argue with the drug tests Ryan.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brady Quinn rips Tim Tebow

 Brady Quinn the soon to be ex teammate of Tim Tebow says that a lot of the wins last season were lucky. Quinn who was supposed to be the number two guy in Denver, never really got a chance and he attributes that to the fans screaming for Tebow and even putting up billboards for the guy. Yes Tebow did win six in a row to get the Broncos into contention and ultimately into the playoffs, but after those 6 wins in a row he lost the last three regular season and got into the playoffs because the Raiders sucked more than they did. Yes the Broncos did beat the Steelers in the first round of the playoffs and that was nothing short of a miracle, but the following week they got pounded by the AFC champion Pats. In five of Tebow's seven wins in the regular season they did not score more than 18 points and finished 25th in points scored. So if anything the Broncos D got them into the playoffs and there is only a limited time this can work if the offense does not score and you are counting on the defense to keep the team in it. Brady Quinn is absolutely right in the fact that they were lucky to win games with the at times atrocious play at the quarterback position. Head coach John Fox even said recently that he wants two new quarterbacks to come in and compete for the starting job next season. When you complete 46 percent of your passes for a dismal 124 yds/gm in today's NFL is not going to win ballgames in the long run. Quinn even took it a step farther that Tebow should have been praying with his teammates and not praying for the camera. I doubt that Quinn returns to Denver, but if he does there will definitely be some tension in the quarteback drills

Spurs on Fire

 The San Antonio Spurs, who I initially thought were a bunch of old, washed-up, has-beens (excuse me for my language), have won their 11th straight game and it looks like they are poised to make a playoff run in the wide open West. Tony Parker, who is still only 29 folks, has been killing it as of late. He dropped 30 and dished out 10 dimes (while logging 45 minutes) in an OT thriller vs. CP3 and the Clipshow Sunday, and then came back the next night and put up 23 pts, 11 ast, 6 reb and 3 steals. He is averaging 26 a game in the month of February, as well as 8 assists to just 2.5 turnovers. Ginobli is out again after missing like 6 weeks or somethin, so Tony will have to continue to put the team on his back. At age 35, Tim Duncan is on the steady decline, but he is still productive and can give you solid minutes (he leads the team in rebounding and is 3rd in minutes played), plus that experience come playoff time is second to none. The Spurs are currently 2nd in the Western Conference, trailing OKC by only 2 games, yet only leading the streaking Mavs by 2.5 games for the Southwest division lead. I thought the window had closed for this group after last year's disappointment, but that doesn't seem to be true at all. While they have the starpower, the Spurs also have some solid young talent and Poppovich rotates like 10 different guys on the floor. Come playoff time, the Spurs know exactly what's good, and if they can land some favorable matchups, don't be surprised if you see these guys playing in late April.

Melo Returns, Knicks Lose

The Knicks did not lose because Carmelo Anthony came back, they lost because Deron Williams shot the lights out from three point range and the Knicks only had 5 three pointers. Lin lead the team with 21 points but had the most shots in the game, now how does that happen when both of the super stars are back and Lin still shoots the most. Also Tyson Chandler had a clear height advantage over Humphries and Sheldon Williams and he only had five field goal attempts. The Knicks are not going to click right away because they simply have not all practiced together except for maybe once. The Knicks play again on Wednesday and Thursday before the All Star break.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Manny Signs With the A's

As is said a couple of weeks ago the A's were interested in Manny and on Monday they signed him. It is a one year deal paying Manny 500,000 dollars. The 40 year old to be will have to sit out the first 50 games due to his positive drug test. It was supposed to be a year but the league shortened it because he pretty much sat out all of last season . Well if the A's were trying to sell some tickets they are signing the right guys because Yoenis Cespedes and Manny could be quite the comedy act if they are both in the outfield together(unlikely). It seems as though the A's will be winning games with their bats instead of the pitching, as they traded away their top 3 pitchers from last season.

J Lin is a Baller

 Jeremy Lin put on a show yesterday as the Knicks took care of the Mavs in a thriller @ the Garden. In just the second nationally televised game of his young career, Lin dropped 28 and dished out 14 assists while putting the team on his back late in the 4th with a couple clutch 3's. With J Lin running the point, it looks like an all-around team effort in NY. If you didn't recognize that white boy making it rain, that's Steve Novak. He hit 4 3's and scored all 14 of his points in the 4th. In Lin's 8 starts, Novak has averaged 12 points a game and almost 25 minutes (Before he was averaging around 4 points per game and about 10 min per game). My boy J.R. Smith came in and scored 15 and played 30 minutes without even practicing with the team. Word on the street is that Melo could be returning tonight, as well as Baron Davis making his debut. This Knicks team lacked depth in the beginning of the year, but now they are not only deep, but stacked as well. I feel like it won't be too hard for Melo to fit in (maybe a few games at most) and this Knicks team could be dangerous. Landry Fields had a solid game yesterday, as well as Tyson Chandler. Dirk did his thing ( I think he had like 34 or somethin), but couldn't make it happen late. Anyways, Linsanity is in full effect and the Knicks are lookin real nice. Look for them to stay hot and go on a run throughout the remainder of the season.

J Lin is already starting to build a solid fanbase, especially amongst the ladies.

NFL players and Franchise Tag

I saw on ESPN that Cliff Avril a lions defensive end says he might hold out if he receives the franchise tag. Avril who is a good pass rusher, but certainly not a premier player in the league. He was tied for 11th in the league with eleven sacks and had a lousy 36 total tackles during the regular season. If I am Cliff Avril I would love to have the franchise tag placed on me, even though it is only a one year contract. The franchise tag would give Avril the average salary of the top five salaries at his position, and with the average being about 12 million dollars I would say screw the long term contract and give me that every year. I know players want a long term contract because of job security, but Cliff Avril is certainly not getting 12 million dollars a year in a long term deal because he is simply not that good. When guys do get a long term deal the front end of the contract usually has a lot of guaranteed money in the first couple of years, but after that players could be cut and general managers wont even think twice. Teams obviously do not want to franchise their best player, year after year because the players either receive the average of the top five contracts at the position or a 120% of their previous salary. Obviously Cliff Avril is not the best on the team so using the franchise tag makes sense. Teams use the franchise tag so no other teams can negotiate a contract with that particular player, but if a player wants to hold out and be a baby about making top dollar then so be it. By the way players are assessed a 30,000 dollar fine each day they hold out of training camp. So I'd take the franchise tag any day of the week rather than fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars holding out.

2012 NFL Combine

 Ah the couple day's where a 40 yard dash can put a guy from the 5th round to the first or a quarterback that sucks falls out of the first round. I mean nobody really watches the combine because quite frankly its boring and all the guys have their junk out in the street when they run the 40. That is not even the worst part of the combine, you want to know what the worst part is? Its that asshole Mel Kiper talking about who did good and then projects a completely different mock draft which he will change again like 10 times before the April draft. I cannot stand that guy he just has this attitude where he thinks he is like god and news flash he just is not that good to project that kind of arrogance. Anyway most of the top notch guys do not work out at the combine and they wait for their pro days in march, which I never really understood because what is the difference between the combine and your pro day. The combine will be open to about 250 fans for the first time, so they can be bored out of their minds in an uncomfortable stadium seat instead of not watching on their couch at home. The combine is important to players because the combine changes a lot of draft positions for better or for worse, but for fans its a snooze fest. Good luck to all the players participating, hopefully you do not have stage fright with all the scouts watching and 250 fans talk about big stage. The 40 time to beat is Tennessee running back Chris Johnson who ran a 4.24 , going to be tough to beat that. It starts on Wednesday and goes through next Tuesday with different positions and drills on different day.

Johnson 40

Kevin Love is a Monster

It seems that Kevin Love puts up 30 points and 15 rebounds every time he plays. Love who is in his 4th season is becoming a dominant force is Minnesota. He is averaging close to 26 points and 14 rebounds per game and along with Rubio feeding him the ball for the foreseeable future this duo can make some things happen. It is too bad that the team around those two is inconsistent with 2nd overall pick Derrick Williams looking lost on the court and the sometimes shaky play of Michael Beasley. Love can't do it all because he is doing his job night in and night out, and if this Nikola Pekovic can do what he did on Friday night(30 pts, 12 rebounds) teams will have a tough time stopping the big men. Minnesota is around .500 and is only a couple games out of a playoff spot, and with the season still young they can make a run for one of the last spots and put the Timberwolves into the post season play for the first time in years. They have nearly matched their win totals from the previous 2 seasons and there is still more than half the season left. Kevin Love just is unstoppable his numbers are comparable to Shaq in his prime, while Shaq averaged a couple more points a game, Love averages a couple more rebounds a game. Love is 3 inches shorter than Shaq and about 60 pounds lighter. O' Neal is obviously better and the more dominant force because Love takes more jumpers from the field and can hit free throws unlike the Diesel. Love is still only 23 years old and the sky is the limit for this kid and I'm pulling for the T-Wolves to make the playoffs because Love and Rubio are fun to watch.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weird O.G. Party at Anfield

Not that kind of O.G. We're talkin' own-goals.

Liverpool took on Brighton & Hove Albion (what the hell is an Albion? Looking at you too, West Brom) in the 5th Round of the FA Cup. Despite Andy Carroll getting on the scoresheet midway through the second half, somehow Brighton defender Liam Bridcutt managed to outscore the misfiring England international (yeah, remember that?) with 2 own goals either side of half-time.

Not wanting to be outdone, Lewis Dunk got in on the action with an excellent own-goal of his own, using 3 comedy touches to put the ball just over the line.

The scoring was completed by Luis Suarez late on (after missing a penalty), and Skrtel had put LFC ahead early doors when he nodded in a corner. Former Newcastle perpetual loanee Kazenga LuaLua brought Brighton back on level terms with a rip from 25 yards out after 17 minutes.

Liverpool were pretty dominant throughout the game, and it's always nice to see Andy Carroll score a goal, if only because it makes Fernando Torres' situation down in London look all the more dire. Carroll looked confident in taking his goal, and I think he'll be good for the rest of the season despite being terrible for the first half of the season. I'll leave you with a picture of Andy Carroll and his beard, which is disgusting and a serious contender for the worst beard in soccer.

Will J.R. be a Good Fit in NY?

 It is official, J.R. Smith is a New York Knick. This one came down to the money folks. It was basically between the Clippers (him and CP3 are boys) and Knicks on this one, and the Knickerbockers had more financial flexibility than the Clipshow. Smith is known to shoot the ball from literally anywhere, which can be both good and bad. He's capable of dropping 30 or 40 (off the bench) on any given night, but he is also capable of taking 15 or 20 shots, which can be a problem when you have Melo, Amare, and now Linsanity. D'Antoni's system fits J.R.'s style perfectly (play no defense and shoot as much as possible) and I definitely feel like he will be a difference maker. I'm not sure what D'Antoni will do long-term but im thinkin he comes off the bench for at least his first few games, but we will see today vs. Mavs (I think he's playing). With J Lin runnin the point, surrounded by Melo, JR, and Amare down low, to be honest I don't know how that can't work out, but I guess we'll see. Fields and Shumpert will get their minutes cut but I mean that will just add depth to the bench. That guy Novak can hit the 3 as well so I mean the Knicks are starting to get a little deeper here. Don't be surprised if they start to get hot (especially after the all-star break), as the Knickerbockers gear towards the playoffs.