Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kobe Meets Jeremy Lin

A few days after telling reporters that he did not know what Jeremy Lin was doin out in NY (he did acknowledge that he knew who Lin was, but did not show him respect at all), Kobe watched J Lin drop 38 on his Lakers. Bryant was straight laying bricks at MSG last night (he was 11-29 from the floor) and the 5-time champ was outshined by an undrafted Harvard grad who has 4 career starts (Lin looks like the real deal though). Even though Kobe is a boss and has 5 rings, he made himself look like an ass after that performance last night. Kobe is definately one of the greatest of all-time, but he has been taking some difficult, ill-advised shots as of late, and it is not helping the Lakers. Gasol was efficient last night (6-10 from the floor for 16 points), but he should be taking more than 10 shots a game if they want to be a contender in the West. The Lakers don't have much balance at all (they still need a PG as well), and at this point, unless Kobe pulls some serious shit, they ain't going anywhere.

D-Wade & LeBron Killin it

Last Night in DC, the Heat were straight ballin out. D-Wade dropped 26 and even though LeBron had one of his worst outings of the season, he still ended up with 18 and 9. These guys put on a show last night and have some highlights to show for it. Here are two dope alley-oops that both occurred last night (both are D-Wade to LeBron).

D-Wade also had a ridiculous 360 layup to beat the shot clock (he also split the defenders with a dope spin move). It looks like the real D-Wade is back.

CP3 For The Win

CP3 delivers in the clutch. With 3.2 seconds left (down by 1), CP3 hit a ridiculous fadeaway jumper (with Iggy right in his grill) to give the Clippers a 78-77 win @ Philly. This is a huge win for LA (76ers are dirty, especially at home), as they came onto the Sixers home floor and stole one last night. Paul finished the game with 24, as he continues to carry this young Clippers team (and solidify his MVP candidacy).

Linsanity in Full Force !

Asian Sensation, Linning, whatever you want to call him,his guy is unbelievable. He is taking the New York Knicks and putting them on his back. 38 points, 7 assists, and 4 rebounds. Leave Carmelo on the bench, he is not needed because Jeremy Lin can do no wrong. The Knicks have won their last 4 games and its all because of point guard from Harvard. He out battled Kobe and the Lakers on Friday night, and had the Garden as charged up as it has it been all season. Hey Iman Shumpert, Toney Douglas, and Baron Davis enjoy the bench because it seems like there is no stopping Linsanity. Kobe Bryant said he had no idea who Jeremy Lin was when he arrived in NY, I bet you Kobe knows who he is now. Also Rockets GM is regretting that he cut Lin, HA! you shit the bed on that one pal ! Linsanity has absolutely taken over the NBA story lines as he has been phenomenal in the past four games and by all accounts will continue his success for the rest of the season. I swear if Melo comes in and demands the ball, shoots 20 times, and doesn't get along with Lin I guarantee that New York City will start to turn on Carmelo. Yes Melo is a great player, but he is as selfish as they come and thinks if he doesn't score the team cant win. Well he does not even play the last four games and the Knicks win the last four, hmm coincidence? Anyway Linsanity is rocking the house at the Garden and Lin is taking the nation by storm. You gotta love this condensed NBA schedule as Lin will take his show on the road to Minnesota tonight. I will tell you what some guys get their chance and completely throw it away, but this kid is just coming out blazing. Cant really ask for more from a guy that has been sleeping on his brothers couch, and up until last week was not sure if his contract would even be guaranteed. Sky is the limit for Lin, and if he keeps this up there will be no Chris Paul or any other point guard talk coming to New York in the off season.

Friday, February 10, 2012

NBA All-Star Reserves Announced

 The NBA All-Star Reserves were announced last night. The reserves consist of 7 players from each conference and are determined by a coaches vote (this was implemented to try to prevent a popularity contest). In the East, we have Paul Pierce, Chris Bosh, Roy Hibbert, Andre Iguodala, Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, & Luol Deng. Although he missed some time with a heel injury, I think Paul Pierce (the only Celtic selected) deserves to be an all-star (his #'s are solid and assists are up). Bosh is well-deserving of a bid (he carried the Heat when D-wade and Lebron were hurt, #'s are up and he is playing more aggressive). While some have called for Greg Monroe to replace Hibbert, The G-Town alum. is on a 17-9 Pacer team and the coaches have shown that they value winning (only 3 players selected with losing records) over statistics. But don't get me wrong, Hibbert is having a breakout season and he deserves this opportunity. Iggy is a straight baller and is the glue to that young 76ers team (he definitely deserves this). Joe Johnson is the Hawks representative and despite his streaky shooting (let's be serious), he has had a nice first half and has that ATL squad near the top of the east, so him on the team is legit. Deron Williams is the only person on the Nets that anybody worries about/game plans for. With that being said, he is still putting up 21 and 9, so he gets my vote. Luol Deng missed a few games with a wrist injury, but he has played well and the Bulls deserve 2 allstars because they are 22-6. Some have called for Rondo here, but he has also missed games and the Celtics record isn't that good. Brandon Jennings is my boy, but his shooting % isn't too high and the Bucks aren't that good. So basically its all about your team's record at this point.

In the West, we got Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, Marc Gasol, Steve Nash, Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker, & Dirk Nowitzki. I don't really need to say much about Love except that he easily could have been selected as a starter. Aldridge's selection is well-deserved, and he is emerging as one of the premier big men in the league (like Love) and also could have been picked over Blake for a starting spot. Gasol, the big man from Spain, is averaging 15 and 10, and I haven't really watched Memphis play too much, but his stats look nice. Nash may be 38, and the Suns may be 11-13, but he's still putting up 15 and 10 so you gotta give it to him (if your gonna put Pierce and Dirk in, you obvii gotta put Nash in). Westbrook is a beast out in OKC. He may take/brick mad shots, but he's one of the better point guards in the league and OKC is dirty (this one doesn't surprise me at all). Tony Parker is putting up 19 and 8 and the Spurs aren't that talented (look at their roster, plus Manu was out), yet they are 18-9 and first in their division so Parker gets in (too bad Eva dipped out on him). Last we got Dirk. The dude admitted he didn't belong in the all-star game, which is funny because even the coaches can't get it right. Reward the younger guys who have yet to experience the all-star festivities, Dirk even said he shouldn't have made it. Even though I'm biased on this one, my boy Kyle Lowry (14.8 ppg, 7.9 apg, 5.8 rpg, & 2.0 spg) should have gotten picked (Rockets are 16-11, thats not even bad). I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that Summer Charity Game incident had something to do with this...just saying

Former USC LB Accused of Punching Bar Manager

 Rey Maualuga of the Bengals was allegedly involved in a fight at Luxe (a bar in downtown Cincinnati) this past weekend (no surprise there). It has also been reported that Maualuga punched the manager of the bar, which caused him (the manager) to be injured (that's what the report says). If charged, this certainly would not be Rey's first time being in trouble (dude went out and got clapped all the time at SC, which often resulted in drunken fights or altercations). Starting in '05 (as a freshman), Maualuga was charged with misdemeanor battery after getting into a fight at a Halloween party (it was reported that Maualuga was unprovoked, yet he punched a man twice in the face). Despite the battery charge, he was only suspended for one half of one game (Pete Carroll at his finest). A year later, he was disciplined by Carroll again for acting like a dumbass at a frat party (do you guys see a pattern here?) In January 2010, Maualuga was arrested after he crashed his car while driving drunk in Kentucky. The linebacker smashed his Pontiac into two parked cars before admitting he drank around six Captain and cokes (that means 10). After reading all this, one may ask, "Will this dude ever learn?" Well folks, the answer is no. According to the most recent allegations, Maualuga is back to his old ways: drinking and brawling (this time with the manager of a bar). You would think that these Cincy players would try and get their shit together (at least 35 arrests since 2000) after all the embarassment they have caused the organization, but I guess it's just part of the Bengal culture.

Russell Westbrook to the Rack

Russell Westbrook is arguably the most explosive PG in the league (him n D rose prob) and with his 6'8 wingspan and 3-foot vertical, he can throw it down. Last night @ Sacramento, towards the end of the first half, Westbrook turns the corner and straight rises up. He technically doesn't dunk on anybody (whoever was in the paint just dipped out), but if someone dared to stand in his way, #0 would have put them on a poster.

Jordan Jefferson Blames Play Calling vs Bama

 Jordan Jefferson and the entire LSU offense was brutal in the BCS national championship, totaling a woeful 92 yards. Just to refresh your memory Jefferson was flat out bad and many questioned why he stayed in the game after halftime. He finished with 53 passing yards on 11/17 and a bad interception, he basically just threw it to the Alabama defense. So a month after the game Jefferson said it was the play calls that hurt the team. The play calling was not bad the entire season when you came into the National Championship, and it was not the play calling that was at fault. Maybe Jefferson should have been pulled at the half but that was the only coaching move that could be questioned. For Jefferson to come out and say it was the play calling instead of facing the fact that he was lost against the great Bama D. They got over midfield like maybe once in the entire game, but yeah that must be the play calling. It seemed that Jefferson was scared to throw the ball down the field, and even though he accounted for like 75 percent of the offense, the offense looked like a high school playing and was happy to be there. Just keep quiet Jefferson, in my opinion you should not have even started the second half of the season because with no Jarrett Lee there would have been no national championship. Hopefully that general studies major works out for you because there is no NFL career in sight.

New Developments in Josh Hamilton Relapse?

Some dude is coming out with some new details the night of Josh Hamilton downing some cocktails at a Texas bar. Apparently he was at Sherlock's bar during rock star karaoke and had a drink in his hand, no big deal right ? Then a woman approaches Hamilton ( an average looking woman by this guys account) and they start slapping each others asses and making out on the stairs! Then he heads to the bathroom with this chick and the manager of the bar is standing at the door like some kind of sex guard. After about 5 minutes the chick comes out (quick trigger josh) with a big smile and then Hamilton comes out and is asked to leave by the manager. Well alright Josh ! Having a couple of drinks at karaoke night and he manages to get some in the bathroom all in a matter of an hour according to some dork taking notes at the bar. I hope you enjoyed it Josh , now with the Rangers being so anal about it you've got yourself a babysitter !

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wilson Chandler to Resign with Nuggets

Wilson Chandler (one of the few remaining NBA stars in China) has announced that he would like to rejoin the Denver Nuggets, after his Chinese team finishes up the year, whether it be for the remainder of the season or a long-term deal. Although Chandler is drawing "significant interest" from various teams around the league, Chandler prefers to be a Nugget, because he likes the direction they are going in, as well as the stability of their roster (which will be even deeper and more talented when Chandler returns). While nothing has been set in stone yet, I would be shocked if the Nuggets didn't make a move to at least lock him up for the remainder of the '11-'12 season (he will be a free agent when he returns and Denver is where he wants to be). The Nuggets are a solid, well-balanced, deep team without a premier superstar (I like that aspect of their roster, considering they play team basketball night in and night out) and Chandler would make them even better. Even if he didn't start right away, he could be a dope 6th man and would help make a difference for a team that is definately a contender in the (wide-open) Western conference. Don't look for Chandler to return until at least late February or early March, but when he does return, look for him to go to Denver and have an immediate impact. Stay tuned as I will be updating this page with any additional information I hear regarding Wilson Chandler as the season progresses.

Jets Keep Santonio Holmes

Great. Just great. The Jets had an opportunity to get rid of the human cancer that is Santonio Holmes. Now the Jets will pay him a whopping 15.25 million dollars, I just don't understand why the Jets would not eat his contract and pay him 7 million to leave. After watching him pout and cry in the final game and basically quit on the team with two minutes left, how could you bring him back? He causes problems in the locker room, and I will bet my entire bank account that he was one of the players that Greg McElroy was talking about being selfish and only caring about stats. So with that salary Holmes will be the highest paid Jet barring a huge contract to another player, this guy is worth maybe 6 or 7 million, certainly not 15 million. Lets put in perspective , Tom Brady made 18 million in 2011 and is due the same in 2012. Santonio Holmes almost has the salary of a quarterback with 3 super bowl rings, 10 division titles, and one of the best players of the era if not the best. Yeah right . Woody and Tannembaum have to shitting me with this. By the way he was not the leading receiver for his own team but will make far more than the top guys in the league. Anybody have a positive spin they want to put on this , I'm all ears.

Some Pitcher in the 80's used cocaine

The guy goes by the name Dennis "oil can" Boyd and he claims to have been under the influence of cocaine for two thirds of the games hes pitched. Well that comes from the oil can himself so it must be true, right? Honestly the only reason I'm writing about this is because its a slow sports news day and this seemed pretty dumb. Maybe the cocaine this guy used had a factor in him being mediocre and not really well known. I never heard of the guy before today have you ? Anyway the Oil Can pitched 8 seasons in the majors compiling a 78-77 record with a 4.02 ERA. Dennis you can have your 15 minutes of fame for coming out of nowhere and saying you used cocaine because I don't think people will really care that you used cocaine in 80's and pitched some mediocre games. Now if you pitched like a no hitter on cocaine that would be more interesting but you didn't. The Oil Cans autobiography comes out in June , don't forget to pre-order a copy , it will sell out quick !!

This is the Oil Can mumbling about god knows what

Duke wins behind Rivers 3 at the Buzzer

The freshman, making things happen for the Blue Devils who trailed virtually the entire second half buries the 3 at the buzzer to give Duke the victory in Chapel Hill. Austin Rivers had 29 points and 5 assists and the game clincher, Duke came back from 10 down with two minutes left in the game. There was 15 three pointers made in the game and Duke made 14 of them. Interesting play with 14.2 seconds left Tyler Zeller tips the ball into Dukes basket and brings them to within one, it was a blocked shot out of the hands of Kelly and would have more than likely clinched it if he had just caught the ball. Also Zeller made one of two free throws on the following possession to open the door for Rivers to win it. Not to pick on Zeller but Rivers made the step back game winning 3 over the seven foot Tyler Zeller. It is a big win for Duke as they go eight miles up the road and steal one from their arch rival Tar Heels. These two teams will play again in the final regular season game on March 3rd at Duke, and hopefully they play a third time in the ACC championship.

Most Disliked Athletes

  Not really a surprise at the top, its Michael Vick leading the way with 60 percent disliking him. Tied for the lead in most disliked athletes is Tiger Woods. Unless this survey was a bunch of chicks or gay guys voting there is no way that Tiger Woods is tied with Michael Vick. Tiger is the man, and the big difference between him and fellow most hated is that all he did was bang cocktail waitresses and porn stars ! Tiger didn't kill anybody, shoot anyone, or even commit a crime, all the guy wanted was some action before his round so he would be relaxed. Rounding out the top 5 are Plaxico Burress Ndamukong Suh, and Kris Humphries. Suh i can understand but Plax and Humphries didn't really do anything wrong either, Plax shot HIMSELF in the leg, and poor Humphries he was under the spell of that gypsy Kardashian. The guy was mesmerized by the ass ! He got sucked into a trap, a big money making trap and he makes the top 5 most hated athletes. Probably a skewed list because it came from Forbes, they deal with money and stuff, not athletes.

Memphis to the Big East

The University of Memphis will be a part of the Big East next year as the shuffling of power conferences continues. This is a couple of months after Syracuse and Pittsburgh will join the ACC in the near future. Memphis basketball will no longer have the games against the mediocre conference that is conference USA. Lets be honest that conference sucks and now Memphis will join the brutal basketball Big East conference where it seems anyone can beat anyone. They will also be in the Big East for all other division 1 sports. Also it is reported that West Virginia is on the verge of completing a settlement with the Big East to leave for the Big 12 next year. What a mess all this college conference switching is creating, with West Virginia leaving that would leave the Big East very thin when it comes to football season. With Pitt and Cuse going to the ACC in 2012, Big East basketball certainly suffers as does the football because the teams that the Big East would add for football only are nothing with the exception of Boise State. Its just a gigantic mess the NCAA created by allowing schools to move conference to conference at will, there is usually a buyout fee but the schools obviously do not care. The conferences should have stayed the same and that way we would have teams in Idaho, California, and Texas looking to join the Big East.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Devils On Fire

The NJ Devils are on a tear. They have now won 5 in a row, including two against the arch-rival NY Rangers (with wins over Montreal, Pitt, and Philly as well). The Devils now only trail the first-place Rangers by 6 points and have moved themselves into 3rd place in the Atlantic and 5th in the East. Marty Brodeur recorded his first shutout of the year (despite tweaking his ankle), stopping all 30 shots (Devils were outshot 30-22) and outplaying Henrik Lundqvist. NJ is 10-3-1 in their last 14 games and it seems as if they are starting to hit their stride. The Devs went on a crazy 2nd half streak last year, but fell up short of making the playoffs (first time since '95-'96). If the Devils can come anywhere close to replicating last year's second half, they will find themselves in the playoffs for sure. Goal scoring (which is usually the biggest issue with any Devils team) has not been much of a problem as of late (besides last night), as NJ has scored 21 goals in their last 5 games, even though they only scored 1 last night. Kovalchuk has been killin it as of late and is playing his best hockey since coming to New Jersey. Despite Marty's age, he is playing pretty solid (his #'s aren't the same as they used to be, GAA, Save %, etc.. but he is still $$$$) and if the Devils can keep scoring this many goals, with the legend between the pipes, they are dangerous. All the Devs have to do is sneak into the playoffs (they are laying low behind NY and Philly, and even Pitt) and they can do some damage. Marty knows exactly what's good and just because he has 3 cups doesn't mean he is satisfied (he would have retired already if that were the case). He hears all that chatter across the bridge about "King Henry" in NY (dude hasn't even made it out of the 2nd round of a playoff series) and I'm sure he wouldn't mind leaving the game with one more ring on his hand.

Perkins Fires Back

 Kendrick Perkins, the dude that straight up got put on a poster by Blake Griffin on January 30th, has some strong words for LeBron James. Perkins, who's name was trending on twitter for almost 2 days (he eventually deleted his account), was upset that James' tweeted about the dunk and eventually expressed his displeasure to Yahoo! Sports. "You don't see Kobe don't see Michael Jordan tweeting. If you're an elite player, plays like that don't excite you." First off, I don't even think Kobe has a twitter account, and if MJ does, he sure as hell didn't have one when he was ballin out in Chi-town. Perkins added, "I just feel like [James] is always looking for attention and he wants the world to like him," (seems pretty accurate to me). While James may have just been paying respect to Blake Griffin, he probably shouldn't have said what he said. It was pretty obvious how embarrassing all this was for Perkins and LeBron chiming in didn't make things better, so I see why Perkins got upset. But anyhow those comments were coming from the same guy who got dunked on at his own summer camp, and then had the tape confiscated IMMEDIATELY (that's some pussy shit right there), so until he wins a championship (or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5...etc), LeBron should just keep to himself.

Ricky Williams to Retire

Ricky will run no more. The Former Dolphin is hanging them up after 11 seasons in the NFL. Ricky Williams, the former Heisman winner who broke records at the University of Texas was drafted number 5 overall in 1999 when Ditka traded the entire New Orleans Saints draft and 2 picks the following year to get Williams. His first three years in New Orleans were good not great, topping a thousand twice, but only had 18 total touchdowns. After that season he was traded to the Dolphins for a couple of first rounders and two other picks. In his first year in Miami he had his best year of his career going over 1800 yards and rushing for 16 touchdowns. Shortly after joining the Dolphins he tested positive for Marijuana, then in 2004 it was reported that Williams failed again for Marijuana and faced a 650,000 dollar fine and a four game suspension. Just before training camp for the 2004 season Williams announced his retirement from the NFL after it was rumored he failed a third time for guess what , Marijuana. He spent the 2004 season finding himself and then he returned to the Dolphins in  2005 after repaying some of his signing bonus and sitting out for his four game suspension. During that year he split carries with Ronnie Brown and failed to reach a thousand yards. Then in February 2006 he had yet again tested positive for a banned substance, his mother says she doesn't think it was marijuana but a herb he had studying kumbaya or whatever in India. As a result of this Williams was suspended for then entire 2006 season and signed with the Toronto Argonauts. He played 11 games in the Canadian football team. In may 2007 it was reported he failed ANOTHER drug test and executive members said he shouldn't be allowed to apply for reinstatement, but he did and was reinstated , Williams played one game in 2007 after tearing his pectoral. After a mediocre 2008 he went over a 1000 yards in 2009 setting an NFL record with 6 years in between 1000 yard seasons. He played one more season in Miami before finishing his career with the Ravens this past season. So that is the story of Ricky , who knows how good he could have been if he had half a brain and didn't smoke all that weed. Williams finished with over 10,000 yards only the 26th running back to do so.

Babysitter hired for Josh Hamilton

 With Josh Hamilton saying he had 3 or 4 drinks with dinner last week, the Texas Rangers felt the need to hire a staff assistant to support Hamilton. If that doesn't scream babysitter I don't know what does. The "assistant" is Shayne Kelley and he has already started his position by going with Hamilton to New York to meet with doctors. Are the Texas Rangers really that nervous that three or four drinks could lead him to back to Josh Hamilton of old that would do a line then do meth? It is highly unlikely, given the fact that he has not used drugs in seven years. Also he takes a minimum of 3 drug tests a week for the MLB to see if he is staying clean. If Hamilton is on the road and wants to go out with a couple of guys to the bar, this guy will be there. If Hamilton wants to have some people over to his place, this guy will be there. Lastly if Hamilton wants to pee, this guy is shaking it for him. This was a one time occurrence its not like Josh went to a club downed a bottle of Captain Morgan then went out  and got arrested. He casually had some drinks with dinner and then went home, Jeesh that guy must be fucking crazy ! Anyway the Rangers are treating Hamilton like he is 12 years old, but he is 30 years old with a wife and kid. I think he can handle himself in the big bad world.

Billups Out for Season, Promises to Return

 Chauncey Billups suffered a devastating leg injury on Monday night, and an MRI has confirmed that it is in fact a torn achillies tendon. The 35-year-old veteran admits to still being in shock, as there was no collision or contact on the play, Billups just sort of stumbled as he was lunging for a loose ball. It was evident that the injury was pretty severe at first glance, and Billups admits he knew it was pretty serious when he initially tried to get up. Being the warrior that he is though, Chauncey will not have his career end because of an injury, and he is determined to rehab strong and come back in time for the '12-'13 season (doctors have told Billups that a 6 to 9 month recovery is possible). He plans to reach out to other athletes who have dealt with the same injury (Beckham, Isiah, to name a few) in order to seek advice and gather information for his recovery process. While returning to prominence after a major injury like this is difficult and unlikely for any athlete (let alone a 35 year old PG), if anyone could bounce back strong, it would be Billups. The 2004 NBA Finals MVP is a straight up competitor, whose determination and motivation got him into this league in the first place, so don't sleep on Chauncey. He'll be back.

What is Going on in Connecticut?

The Connecticut Huskies (ranked #4 in preseason about overrated) got embarassed by Louisville on Monday night, 80-59 (on national television). UConn has lost 5 out of their last 6, as well as 7 of their last 10, and with Kemba Walker now in the NBA and Jim Calhoun on another leave of absence, it doesn't look too good. After blowing out Seton Hall without Calhoun, I thought maybe the Huskies were back, but nope I was wrong. They were only down 5 at the halftime to Louisville, but got run out of the gym in the 2nd half. Their best player, Jeremy Lamb, was just 3-9 from the floor and has made only 10 out of his last 37 shots (27%). They still have to play Syracuse twice, Marquette, Pitt, @Providence, and @Nova. If they can beat Syracuse once, and run the table on the rest of those, they've got a shot (it's highly unlikely though). So basically unless the Huskies pull some shit, they will have to win the Big East tournament (probably 5 games in 5 days like last year) in order to get a bid (good luck with that).

Yoenis Cespedes

So this guy defected from Cuba and is big hitting outfielder who should be coming to the United States as early as today to meet with teams to negotiate a deal. He says he is 26 but who really knows with these guys anymore, and who knows if that is his actual name. That is how it works with guys coming from the Dominican or Venezuela they create a whole different identity saying they are younger than they actually are and after a couple years in the majors it comes out that Oh yeah I'm not really 26 I'm actually 31 and my name is Jose not Yoenis. Detroit, both Chicago teams, Orioles, and the Marlins are rumored to be interested. Yes Yoenis is tied for the home run record in the Cuban league with 32. With that being said the Cuban league is a far cry from the majors. Who knows if this guy will even be good at the big league level, that is the risk with all players coming from different countries to play in the MLB. The most recent Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman throws absolute gas but still has not started a game for the Reds in his first two years in the big leagues as he deals with control issues. This guy can pull an Adam Dunn and he was as consistent as they came with power, belting around 40 home runs a year to being booed and hitting like 12. There will be two international that will make intriguing debuts in the MLB for the 2012 season

P.S. Who ever made that video should be punched in the face.

Chick wants to see Sanchez !

Trust me I would like nothing more to see Sanchez in the parade carrying the Lombardi trophy, but unfortunately it is not looking good. Anyway hopefully this chick is a Jets fan and not an actual Giants fan because if Sanchez had played for the Giants they would not come close to the winning the Super Bowl.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kobe Passes Shaq, Moves to 5th All-Time in Scoring

Kobe Bryant is quietly climbing his way up the NBA's all-time scoring list. Last night, Kobe passed Shaquille O'Neal on the points list, and now finds himself behind only Wilt, MJ, the Mailman, and Kareem (Mike Brown thinks Kobe can definately get past Malone for #2 and can even give Kaeem a run at #1). Kobe and Shaq's tumultuous relationship was well-documented when they played in LA, and there was definately some animosity between the two, but their relationship ultimately turned sour during the '03-'04 season. It is rumored that Kobe was mad that Shaq didn't stand by his side during the Colorado rape case, while Shaq was still upset that Bryant hadn't invited O'Neal or the team to his wedding (Kobe was only 21 when he got married and his girl was still in HS). It has also been rumored that Shaq threatened to kill Kobe after he called him out in a famous interview with Jim Gray (he called Shaq fat, questioned his leadership capabilities, and said his toe injury wasn't that bad and that Shaq was just lazy). This was around the same time that Shaq was trying to get a new deal worked out with LA, but he was ultimately shipped to MIA, where he won a championship with D-Wade in '06 (Lakers front office realized it would no longer work and chose Kobe over Shaq). The Big Aristotle infamously took shots at Kobe through a freestyle he performed at a NY nightclub shortly after the Heat captured their first title. Kobe fired back at Shaq in 2010 after winning his 5th championship (2nd one without O'Neal) by telling a reporter (at the Game 7 postgame press conference) that now he has "one more than you can take that to the guys know how I am, I don't forget anything." These guys have traded jabs back and forth (regardless of whether they were on the same team or not) and it seems as if there will always be some sort of tension between the two (it was also rumored that Kobe ratted Shaq out for cheating which ultimately ended O'Neal's marriage). Anyhow, the two men have grown up alot since they first began playing together and it seems like they have put their differences aside (or at least kept them out of the public). Shaq congratulated Kobe moments after his accomplishment, referring to him as "the greatest Laker ever." Whether they like each other or not, it seems as if these guys have some sort of mutual respect for each other and they will ultimately go down as two of the best basketball players, of not only our generation, but to ever play the game.

Contador Stripped of Tour de France Title

Alberto Contador who won the 2010 Tour de France has been stripped of his title and banned for two years because he was found guilty of doping. Contador tested positive for clenbuterol, a drug that's main purpose is to burn more stored fat in order lose fat. In simple words give more energy from stored fat while in turn making you skinnier ( confusing right). Well lets just say this about cyclists, they like to cheat. Its ridiculous Contador a three time champ of the Tour de France, also Floyd Landis was stripped of his title in 2006 after testing positive for testosterone, and even Lance Armstrong is being investigated for doping. First of all who doesn't take something in this sport, it seems like pretty much everyone does. By now athletes that have been caught have used every excuse in the book , like oh somebody must have slipped it to me, or i thought it was aspirin, and my personal favorite i had too much sex and drank too much beer. With all that being said Contador had a great excuse for his positive test, "it must have been that contaminated meat i had on my rest day". Come on Alberto any asshole can Google a substance and find out that it is sometimes used in livestock, like i just did. That is one hell of an excuse contaminated me ha ! Its quite convenient that you had a contaminated meat story knowing that the drug is sometimes used in livestock( hmm where would he have gotten that info??). Also there have been no other athletes testing positive from meat in Spain. So now Alberto you lose the 2010 Tour de France crown and all other results from that year and is banned from this upcoming Tour de France, along with the summer Olympics. Well i hope the "steak" was really good because it is certainly costing you now. Also he might be fined 3.25 million dollars , no big deal. Way to go Alberto !

Who is Jeremy Lin ?

 Jeremy Lin ... your probably saying to yourself who the hell is that guy. Well he was the New York Knicks starting point guard on Monday night, a game after he came out of nowhere to score 25 points and dish out 7 assists Saturday against the Nets. Monday was no different as he recorded his first career start, playing the whole game pretty much and he scored 28 points and had 8 assists. This guy was in the D-league two weeks ago! For those of you that don't know if you are in the D-league which stands for developmental, its almost a certainty that you are not good enough to play with the big boys in the NBA. Lin who is only the second Asian-American player in league history can sure play as he has showcased the last two games. Could this be the answer at point guard the Knicks have been looking for? We will see if he can keep up his high level of play because a good point guard is just what the Knicks have been missing with Iman Shumpert, and Toney Douglas not playing at a very high level. Without Lin the Knicks don't win the last two games, he was even dishing off to Steve Novak, a fellow no name who has hardly played for the Knicks this season and he had 19 points in just 17 minutes. Maybe Lin can take some of the shots that Carmelo was taking because he is averaging 19 shots a game and is only shooting 39 % when he is up near 46 % for his career. The Asian sensation is ready to rock New York.

What was Knowshon Thinking?

It has been reported that Knowshon Moreno was arrested for a DUI last week while he was speeding in his Bentley. Nothing new to me here athlete driving around drunk, speeding in his Bentley...seems pretty normal to me.

But wait it gets better.

It has also been reported that the personalized license plate on Knowshon's Bentley read "SAUCED." Now honestly, how dumb can you be? I mean we get that you have a Bentley and we understand that you like to drive drunk Knowshon, but please just get a new license place for christ's sake. Drive one of your other cars or something when your drunk, just don't drive the one (with the license plate) that says "SAUCED" (like seriously come on). This dude should be hard at work, rehabbing from ACL surgery, but instead he's busy doing stupid shit and getting in trouble. Knowshon should start evaluating his actions because this dude hasn't shown me anything in the NFL except for that he can't be a #1 RB who can carry the ball 20 times a game (always hurt out in Denver).

So this is just a little advice to you Knowshon: If you want to sign another contract in the NFL (and actually live up to the hype you had coming out of Georgia), stay out of the news, and if your gonna continue to drive drunk (I can't really force you to stop), just remember to leave the Bentley in the garage.

I'm with Gisele

So Gisele has been making headlines for saying that the receivers should have caught the ball and the Patriots would have won. Her exact quote was " my husband can not fucking throw and catch the ball at the same time. I cant believe they dropped the ball so many times". Gisele you are right, cant do both at the same time, if he could he would be the best player ever. Also there was some key drops in the game, most notably Welker, which would essentially clinched the game for the Patriots. Hernandez and Branch each had a drop on the final drive, the one to Branch was tipped ever so slightly but a make-able play which would have been a big gain, and Hernandez a ten yard pass. Who knows if Hernandez catches the ball they maybe save their time out and Brady doesn't get sacked. For everyone ripping on Brady, he really did not play that bad. He threw one pick which was essentially the same as a punt, other than that and a couple of drops he has the same numbers as Eli did. Patriots defense had two opportunities to recover fumbles and failed to do so, also the twelve men on the field penalty turned into 7 points for the Giants. So cant really blame Brady for this one as the Patriots D could not get off the field with the Giants having possession for around 37 minutes. One play changed the whole game, and it was the Welker drop, yes it was a little high but he had both hands on it and even Welker said he never drops that one.

All eyes turn to Peyton

 There goes another season, and another Super Bowl champ crowned. Now the attention goes to Peyton Manning. When will Jim Irsay and Peyton have their meeting to pretty much tell Peyton he wont be playing with Colts? When will Peyton's neck be full strength so he can showcase that he is healthy for other teams? His doctors recently cleared him, which does not mean he is full strength. In an interview with ESPN he said that he is progressing slowly but also said that he wants to continue playing whether it was for the Colts or some other team. Would a team be willing to dish out around 20 million to obtain the future hall of famer, that remains to be seen. By all accounts Peyton is on his way out of Indy as they will draft Andrew Luck first overall. Inevitably Peyton will now have to face questions about Eli and his two Super Bowl rings compared to his one. The Colts offense is designed around Peyton, but the would be teams that would pursue Manning have different styles of offense and who knows if Peyton would alter his style or would the pursuing teams would change the offense for him. Stay tuned to see if the meeting will be this week as Peyton expects it to be sooner than later.

Monday, February 6, 2012

J.R. Smith Ballin Out in China

J.R. Smith (possibly the most tatted player in The League) will be returning to the NBA to finish out the season once his Chinese team, the Zhejiang Golden Bulls, wraps up their season (probably by late February, not too sure though). After signing a contract to play in China during the lockout (with no opt-out clause), the NJ native found himself stuck overseas with no way out. In late November (during the team's first game), it was alleged that JR suffered a serious knee injury, but it was later reported that Smith was denying the team's medical treatment and ultimately faking the injury (my understanding is he sought medical treatment from his personal doctor in Beijing, instead of the team medical staff). Despite the rumors, Smith insisted he was not trying to dip out on his Chinese teammates (when Smith went to Beijing, the team management thought he was trying to dip) and that he was in fact ready to play after his MRI came back negative. Since then though, J.R. has been feelin it.

Smith broke 3 dudes ankles in one game (including stephon marburys) a few weeks back, and has been making it rain from beyond the arc, while his sister (and girlfriend) pick fights with Chinese fans on a nightly basis. I mean its obviously pretty gangster playin out in China when you got girls starting fights in the stands while JR, Wilson Chandler, and Starbury drop 45 a night (I wish they televised this shit). Anyhow, Smith is still playing for Zhejiang, and despite interest from various teams (OKC, both LA's, Knicks, & Chi-town), it is unknown exactly when he will be allowed to return (even once his team's season is over, he has to be approved by FIBA for reinstatement to the NBA). OKC is a tight-knit group and I'm not so sure they would bring in JR. The Clippers are extremely interested in Smith, but can't afford to offer him that much money. The Bulls were said to have been interested in JR before the lockout, so don't count them out. The Knicks is evidently where I think J.R. will end up. They can offer him $2.5 mil mini-mid-level exception deal (similar to what the Clipps offered to Kenyon Martin) and he could fit into their starting 5 right away (or come off the bench and be a dope 6th man). I haven't heard much detail about the Lakers interest, but reported that Smith was considering those five teams. So for now enjoy the video (not the best quality) and be sure to check back for updates regarding JR's playing status in the States.

A few nights ago, JR put up 60 (while coming off the bench) in a playoff game, while going 14 for 18 from 3 (dude went straight ham).

***UPDATE*** JR Smith and his Chinese team have been eliminated from the playoffs, which means he will be ready to play in the NBA around February 18th (that's what I have been hearing). With the loss of Chanucey Billups, look for the Clippers to step up and snag Smith. I know I said the Knicks about a week ago, but with that injury, I don't see how the Clippers can afford to let JR go to NY. Stay tuned for future updates on JR.

Gronk and Matt Light Dancing Shirtless After SB XLVI

Rob Gronkowski and Matt Light were photographed dancing shirtless at an invite only Patriots party after the game. Apparently they don't care that they lost the Super Bowl in devastating fashion, don't care that Welker is about to cry at the press conference, and don't really care about the other people at the party because Matt Light should have kept his shirt on. LMFAO, Maroon 5, and Steven Tyler were also in attendance. Gronkowski later joined the shirtless fun when LMFAO did their thing. Not the best way to act after losing the biggest game of the year, also yes Gronkowski is "yo soy fiesta" but he can be yo soy fiesta a couple of days after they lose not about an hour after the game.  I really can not imagine what they would have done, maybe streak naked through the streets of Indy ? There is really nothing to say that could make this OK, is this how Light and Gronk deal with pain ? Dancing the pain away and maybe get laid erases all the hard work of the season and playoffs. Also Gronkowski was not effective with his high ankle sprain and only had two catches, dancing around like you had 250 yards and 3 touchdowns is not the best look.

Curtis Martin into the Hall of Fame

Over the weekend while all the focus was on the Super Bowl , Curtis Martin among others headlined the 2012 NFL hall of fame class. He played his first three seasons with the Patriots before playing his last eight with the Jets. He is the fourth leading rusher in NFL history, had over 1000 yards in his first ten seasons , and became the 29th running back in NFL history to be elected to the Hall. The only other player to rush for 1000 yards in his first 10 seasons is Barry Sanders. Martin grew up on the tough streets of Pittsburgh and said he started playing football to stay out of jail. Well not only did he stay out jail but he went on to be a very successful NFL running back. Interesting story that Bill Parcells, who coached Martin and led the Giants in two Super Bowl victories fell short of being elected to the Hall of Fame. Martin said that he will ask Parcells to present him at the induction ceremony in August. Good for Curtis who never really talked much, just went out and did his job and did it well. Martin headlined a class of 6 elected and four others being lineman and a senior committee choice (whatever that is). Two other names on the ballot that curiously did not get in were Jerome Bettis and Chris Carter who are deserving of a hall of fame induction, maybe next year.

Are the Hoosiers Back?

The Indiana Hoosiers after 3 horrendous seasons, which included one six win season is making some noise in the Big 10. Indiana started the season on absolute fire winning 15 out of 16, with wins over ranked teams Kentucky, Ohio St, and Michigan. Kentucky and Ohio St were ranked number one and two when the Hoosiers beat them, Kentucky is the current number one team in the nation and Ohio St is 3rd. They were in a little mid-season slump having lost 5 of 7 before beating the Purdue Boilermakers on the road. That was a big win for Indiana as Purdue beat them the previous 5 times they played. The Hoosiers are ranked 23rd in the nation and are on track for an NCAA tournament bid with the potential to make a run as they have shown they can beat the big boys. Indiana students, alumni, and fans are fired up over their beloved Hoosiers good season so far with 18 wins already, the most since the 25 win season in 07-08, but ended that season after a first round loss in the men's basketball tournament. They have five winnable games coming up with the toughest test being Illinois, if they can win their next five that will set up a huge match up with the Michigan St Spartans who are currently ranked 10th in the country. I expect some big things in post season play in the Big 10 tournament as well as the NCAA tournament. Hoosiers basketball is back, look out !

Eli Puts Team on Back, Giants upset Pats in XLVI

 The G-Men have done it again folks. Eli Manning straight up put the team on his back, completing 30-40 passes for 296 yard and a TD, as the Giants went on to win their 2nd Super Bowl in 4 years (in dramatic fashion to say the least). Manning set a SB record with a 75% completion percentage (min. 40 attempts), as he became the 3rd QB in history to compile multiple career game-winning drives in the 4th/OT in the SB (Brady & Bradshaw are the others). Eli became the first QB to win two postseason starts against Tom Brady, as well as the only Giants QB to have multiple rings (as the starting QB). With 3:46 left to go in the 4th (Giants trailing 17-15 from their own 12 yard line), Eli completed 5-6 passes for 74 yards, including an unbelievable 38 yard ball to Manningham (clutch throw/catch), and drove the G-Men down the field for the clinching TD. Eli is now 7-1 in road/neutral site playoff games (NFL record) and is one of only five players to win multiple SB MVP's (Starr, Bradshaw, Montana, & Brady).

With all that being said, I can't deny the fact that Eli is a future Hall of Famer (I honestly never thought I would say that, but barring some sort of freak injury or something, he'll get in). In a day in age where championships define us, Eli now has 2 rings and finds himself only one behind greats like Brady and Aikman (2 behind legends like Bradshaw and Montana). Manning carried his team the entire season and nobody deserves a ring on that team more than him, which wasn't necessarily the case in the Giants last SB appearance. In '07-'08, some wondered whether the defense was the primary reason for their SB success (it was even suggested that Justin Tuck should have won the SB MVP that year instead of Manning). This year was different though. Eli outplayed Brady last night and was ultimately the reason they won.

As per Coughlin (now the oldest SB winning coach in history), all the credit in the world to him. He out coached Belichick yet again (2nd time in SB), as his G-Men proved (yet again) that they have the Patriots number (I think its 4-0 since the '07-'08 SB if you include preseason, but not positive). The Giants were an awfully talkative bunch leading up to the SB, but they backed it up on the field, and you have to respect them for that. The Giants proved me wrong (I said Pats 34-31) yet again, but this victory doesn't surprise me, unlike the one in '07-'08 when they legit shocked the world.

JPP was an absolute force (he knocked down several Brady passes, and I think he got a sack), as well as Justin Tuck, who was responsible for the first quarter safety (he also added two sacks and had multiple qb hurries and knockdowns). Hakeem Nicks had a big day at receiver (I think he had 10 for 109) and helped convert several 3rd downs, which turned out to be the deciding factor in the game in my opinion. Cruz had an early TD, fumbled (but the Giants recovered), then disappeared for a while, returning to make a catch or two in the 4th if I'm not mistaken, and we all know what Manningham did.

As for the Patriots, the team as a whole was sloppy at times (they had numerous unnecessary penalties, including the 12 men on field one that nullified the Cruz fumble). Belichick was pretty much outcoached by Coughlin, and uncharacteristically seemed rattled in the 4th quarter, as it appeared he unsurely tossed the challenge flag (on the Manningham catch) becuase he saw Eli rushing to the line to get the play off. Without that timeout, the Pats were unable to stop the clock at the end and had to allow Bradshaw to score, which ultimately lost them the game (if they had that timeout, Tynes would have had to  kick a FG with 1 min. left as opposed to 20 seconds). Not only did the Pat's lose the turnover battle, but they couldn't capitalize on certain opportunities (like loose balls). In their two SB loses to the G-Men, the Pats have forced a total of 4 fumbles, but recovered none of them (that pretty much sums it up right there).

Tom Brady started off shaky (completing just 4-7 passes and had that safety), but responded by setting a SB record with 16 straight completions, but ultimately fell short. The 3-time champion was far from flawless. He underthrew Rob Gronkowski on a broken play, who had gotten behind Blackburn, but Brady underthrew him and it resulted in a gamechanging interception. Brady had essentially a game sealing opportunity to hit Welker (on third down I believe), but threw it slightly behind him, and although it was a tough catch, he had it and dropped it (mutually inexcusable), which forced the punt that led the Giant's game winning drive. Gronk was basically a non-factor (2 maybe 3 catches), while Hernandez was utilized (10 catches I think), but it proved to not be enough. Deion Branch made a few catches, but had a huge drop on the final drive, which pretty much killed any realistic chance for the Pats to get a TD.

Anyways, credit is given where credit is due, and for the 2nd time in 4 years (this time with a 9-7 regular season record), the Giants show the world that truly anything is possible. (Shout out to my boy Ben, a true giants fan from the start).

Eli does it Again ! NYG 21-NE 17

 Wow. What a game!! Eli did it again, with all the comebacks this year this one is by far the greatest. He went 88 yards for the touchdown and left only 57 seconds for Tom Brady. No shocker that Eli is the MVP of the Super Bowl. Manning finished 30 of 40 for 296 yards and a touchdown. The Giants went from 7-7 and possibly missing the playoffs to winning the Super Bowl in the most dramatic of fashions. It is the Giants second Super Bowl win in four years and Eli is remarkably one Super Bowl away from Tom Brady. Manningham with an unbelievable catch for about 40 yards on the final drive and another 15 yard grab the following play. Another reason that the Giants won other than Eli the great, is the pass rush which was non existent for two and a half quarters got pressure and some sacks in the third and fourth quarters.Nicks had a big game receiving with 10 catches for 109 yards. You cant say enough about Eli though he carried this team on his back the entire season and postseason with virtually no help from the running game as they ranked dead last. He is elite, no doubt about it.    Here is the Full Game Recap:

National Anthem: No singing mistakes this year as Kelly Clarkson did a good job, but didn't get
a lot of camera time ( She looked like she had been hitting the buffet a couple of times).

First Quarter- Giants Punt inside the ten. On the Patriots first play from scrimmage, Tom Brady throws the ball and it was not close to a Patriots receiver, because Brady was in the end zone it resulted in a intentional grounding and a safety for Giants. On the Giants next drive the Giants fumbled the ball in Patriots territory but had 12 men on the field. Two plays later Cruz caught a two yard touchdown from Eli, cant ask for a better start than that. Eli had started the game 9-9 which is Super Bowl record. NYG 9-0

Second Quarter- Pats start it off with a field goal from Gostowski. After some back and forth punts the Patriots had the ball on their own 4, with 4:03 left in the half. Brady breezed down the field going 10-10 for 98 yards and scored a touchdown with only 8 seconds remaining in the half. NE 10-9

Halftime Show- Even though Madonna might have lip synced the whole thing, it was pretty entertaining. LMFAO, Nikki Minaj, MIA, and cartoon character Cee Lo green made appearances and got two sing a little bit. Madonna was definitely better than a couple of recent halftime shows such as the Black Eyed Peas, The Who, and Tom Petty. Some of those guys were about to Croak on stage.

Third Quarter- Pats got the ball to start the second half and went straight down the field again for the second straight drive and scored another touchdown. Giants fans must have been shitting themselves at this point because Brady was not throwing incompletions, connecting on 16 straight passes which is a Super Bowl record. However the Giants answer with a field goal and the Giants D forced a 3 and out and finally got some pressure on Brady. Giants stalled in the red zone for another field goal. 17-15 NE after 3.

Fourth Quarter- Patriots had the ball. Brady was pressured, but gets out of it and throws a pick. It was pretty much a punt because the throw was a bomb and got picked at the Giants 10. Next drive Eli uses two time outs to avoid delay of games, but the Giants punt anyway. Next Pats drive stalls and they punt it to the Giants with less than four to go. The ball is at the Giant 12 and on the first play of the drive, Manning goes deep down the field to Manningham who makes an unreal play to get his feet in bounds. By far the play of the game and the play of the year for the Giants. New England challenged and lost. The Giants continue down the field with catches by Nicks and Manningham. Giants inside the 10 now with around a minute to play and the Patriots let the Giants score , Bradshaw with the run but he tried to stop himself on the one but seemed to forget. So its 21-17 with 57 seconds left and the Patriots have one timeout. Pats start on their own 20, and after drops by both Branch and Hernandez , Brady gets sacked by Tuck and that forces the Patriots to take the last timeout. The Patriots converted the 4th down and moved the ball to midfield with 9 seconds left. Following a incomplete pass to Branch, the Patriots had one play left and it was the Hail Mary. Knocked Down by the Giants and the Giants WIN ! 21-17 NYG