Saturday, January 28, 2012

Breaking News : Tuck says way to beat Patriots is Get Brady

Well there it is folks , Justin Tuck is the smartest player in the NFL. So your telling me that Ben Jarvis Green Ellis is not the key to the Patriots winning??? WOW! This is why I hate the Giants even more than the Patriots because they are a bunch of dumb asses their players, fans everybody involved with that whole organization. Yes Justin, you are right . Congratulations you have figured out the secret of the Patriots ! Now that you have to secret formula that nobody in the NFL ever thought of you are definitely going to win the super bowl . Nobel Prize for Justin Tuck !! Jack Ass

How Much of a Boss is Rob Gronkowski

Seriously this guy is living the life. Hes got the best quarterback throwing the ball to him like 20 times a game, parties like an animal, and gets paid millions of dollars! I'm a die hard jets fan and hate the patriots but damnit this guy is the man. Every guy wants to be Gronk right now , the Superbowl is next week ( even though he has an ankle injury hes playing) this guy is just banging sluts left and right and loving every minute of it. If the Jets got this guy he would have made Sanchez look like an actual fucking quarterback instead of some guy throwing it around in the park. But Gronk lives the high life there is no doubt about it . Every guy on the planet would want to be Gronk right now even if you hate the Patriots , hes the man.

Are Yankees Doing Enough?

Brian Cashman might just have a screw loose. First of lets start with bringing back Freddy Garcia what the hell is that about, the guy was mediocre at best last year. Yeah sure he may have had 12 wins or whatever it was but come on the guy throws some meatballs down the center of the fucking plate that go about 450 feet. Secondly they did trade for Michael Pineda who could be really good as he showed flashes last year. However he is young and pitched in a small market in Seattle and lets face it nobody gives a shit about the mariners except when it comes the trade deadline, then everybody is hitting them up. Then they signed Kuroda from the dodgers who had a good ERA last year but hes coming to the AL now and how is he going to hold up in the New York media, he could be good could be bad. Lastly the Yankees do not have a regular DH so that could pose a problem but the old men on the left side of the infield will get significant time at DH so do they yankees sign someone else? they have been rumored to be having talks with Damon and Matsui but would they want to come back ?

Miguel and Prince in Detroit is scary good

With Prince Fielder signing with the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday it gives Detroit the best 3-4 combination in baseball. Cabrera is scary good to begin with and with Prince backing him up he could be even better. Detroit is now poised to win the AL central with ease barring some sort of injury plagued season or Cabrera being in jail (not unlikely). Does Prince deserve one of the biggest deals in baseball history ? I don't think so but after Pujols he was the only big name power hitter on the market. Also with the Prince Fielder signing team dinners will need a tray just for Prince he is fucking enormous and can probably down food like nobody's business.

PS Cabrera moving to third would be the worst move ever , guys an error machine but damn it he can smoke the ball