Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Zach Parise, Ryan Suter choose Minnesota

Zach Parise and Ryan Suter have decided to take their talents to Minnesota and play for the Wild. The highly coveted free agents just recently announced their decisions today around noon ET.

A few days ago, it looked all but certain that Parise would join Sidney Crosby and play for the Penguins until rumors began to surface regarding the two free agents joining forces together in Minnesota (Zach's home state). I am hearing that Zach's fiancee, Alisha, did not want to remain in Newark nor did she want to reside in cities like Detroit or Pittsburgh (I didn't know she wore the skates). As a Devils fan, I didn't think Parise would come back and now that he is out West, I can't really complain. I thought for sure he would be a Penguin but his fiancee had different thoughts (pussy power prevails). Parise's deal is worth $98 million over 13 years.

While it was pretty obvious Suter would not be returning to Nashville, the Detroit Red Wings were rumored to be the front-runners during the early stages of the Suter sweepstakes. Rumors began to surface over the past few days that Suter and Parise had engaged in various conversations about playing together, particularly in Minnesota. No matter what anyone says, Pittsburgh would have had an extremely difficult time trying to fit Parise and Suter under the cap while still being able to retain Malkin, Letang and Neal down the road. Suter received basically the same base contract that Parise did (13-years, $98 million).

Although I have a ton of respect for Zach and what he has done for the Devils organization, I will be rooting against him and hoping Minnesota does not get anywhere near the Stanley Cup Finals.

Don't turn out to be like this guy, Zach!

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