Monday, July 2, 2012

Dwight Howard Only Wants to go to Brooklyn

 Keeping up with the Nets theme, Dwight Howard only wants to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets, and nobody else. That is going to be pretty tough because as my buddy G wrote about earlier, the Nets have traded just about everyone they have under contract to the Atlanta Hawks for Joe Johnson. Also I think everybody is sick and tired of all this Dwight Howard trade talk because if he didn't want to stay in Orlando, why the hell would you sign the extension to keep you there for this year. By the way Howard has no clauses in his contract saying he can veto a trade so if I'm the Orlando Magic I would send him packing for the best deal I could get. He really is not worth another season long headache of him requesting to get traded because all that causes is for the locker room to become divided, and that does not translate into wins. Obviously Howard is not returning to the Orlando Magic after this upcoming season when his contract expires so any offer has to be considered seriously. Would the Magic care if Howard bitched and moaned all the way to his new city? For sure not. It's time for Dwight to leave Orlando, and personally I hope he never wins anything because he is a whiny bitch.

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