Monday, July 9, 2012

Dion Lewis Arrested for Pulling Fire Alarm

Philadelphia Eagles back up running back was arrested in Albany,NY on Saturday for pulling the fire alarm at the area hotel. He was a guest at the hotel, and was trying to get back into the building. Alright, you may be thinking Dion Lewis is an idiot. However I am on Dion's side on this one because he was locked out of his hotel, and could not get into the building. Also the report said he was drunk, so if your drunk outside of YOUR hotel in you have every right to pull the fire alarm and wake the entire hotel up so you can go to bed. The hotel manager says the front door locks at midnight, and you need your room key to get back in the building. Obviously Dion lost his key and just wanted to get back in the hotel. Bottom line is if Dion didn't pull the alarm which is apparently a felony, he would have thrown a brick through the glass door, and got arrested for property damage. All the hotels fault, fucking Dion just wanted something at the mini bar and then pass out on his bed.

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