Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yankees Cold As Ice

On the very last day of spring training, the Yankees traded for back-up catcher Chris Stewart and demoted Fransisco Cervelli to AAA. Now this isn't really a big deal in the scheme of things, but what is the point of bringing in a back-up catcher that is worse the. one that was already on the roster. I mean Cervelli is what he is, and that's a back-up catcher, but what is the point of dealing a crushing blow to the locker room and more importantly the guy who has done everything that is asked of him? This Chris Stewart guy is four years older than Cervelli, has a .200 batting average, and he does not hit home runs. Cervelli does not hit homers either, but has a significantly better batting average than Stewart does, and can inject energy in the dugout. Just a cold hearted move by Cashman and the Yankees and to think they didn't even improve the ball club while doing it. Just an overall pointless move to make by Cashman to a good guy in Cervelli who was red-eyed and stunned when he was told about the demotion.

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