Monday, April 2, 2012

Jets Back On Hard Knocks?

Jets owner Woody Johnson said Monday that if HBO extended a formal invitation to be on the show that he would consider accepting. The Jets were on Hard Knocks for the 2010 training camp, and the show did not air last season due to the lockout. I mean if you are an HBO executive and the main goal is ratings then the Jets have to be at the top of the list. First off the Jets have Rex Ryan who will say just about everything, Sanchez-Holmes drama, Cromartie counting his kids (probably 12 with 9 different women now), and finally the second coming of Jesus in Tim Tebow. It would definitely make for good TV, and the Jets proved last time it was not a distraction as they reached their second straight AFC championship game. Who wouldn't want to see Tebow's face when Rex says something like this " Offense get your shit together, you guys are playing like fucking pussies" who knows maybe Tebow will giggle like a little kid. I would be interested in seeing newly acquired safety LaRon Landry in the weight room because he tweeted a picture like a month ago, and his arms are the biggest arms I've seen on a safety. Personally I would love to see the Jets on the show because I'm a fan, but even if you aren't a fan of the Jets you have to admit, Jets training camp would most likely be the most interesting. I'm sure Rex will guarantee the Super Bowl at some point, Santonio Holmes might cry if he doesn't get the ball, and hell maybe Sanchez goes bananas that Tebow is taking reps or something like that. You never know what the Jets will do, so if HBO were smart they would try their hardest to get the Jets back on for the 5 show season.

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