Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dwight Howard Wants Van Gundy Fired

Who does Dwight Howard think he is? He thinks he is the star player and general manager of the Orlando Magic, but the problem is he is certainly not the general manager. What a dick move by Howard to try and plea to the management that Stan Van Gundy be fired after Howard asked for a trade numerous times this season, but all of a sudden he changed his mind and wants to stay with the Magic. All Dwight Howard has done this season is bitch and complain about the Magic, and now that he wants to stay with the team he thinks he can make front office decisions. The only player that should even be consulted, not make decisions, is #24 Kobe Bryant. That's it. What Howard should do is just shut his big mouth for once, and concentrate on finishing out this season and trying to make a run in the playoffs with the team that he has now, and can not change until next season. He is becoming a bigger dick than LeBron, and once you even approach that territory you know you are doing something wrong. I mean who would sneakily try and go behind someones back to try to get that person fired. Stan Van Gundy has done nothing to warrant him being fired because he brings his teams to the playoffs year in and year out. Van Gundy wasn't the one bitching about the Magic, Dwight was, Van Gundy isn't throwing up 8 points against the Knicks, Dwight is, so maybe Van Gundy should be the one lobbying for Howard to be let go. Howard has to get his head out of his ass, because who would want a guy on their team who just bitches about everything? The answer is no team, and if the Magic put players around Howard, and he still doesn't win then the fingers start pointing at Dwight Howard for not winning a championship.

Dickhead Rankings:
1.Dwight Howard
2. LeBron James
3. Delonte West

Here is the awkward interview where Stan says Dwight wants him fired, but Dwight denies it.

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  1. Ridiculous...howard is the epitime of a bitchass doubt hes talented no doubt hes the focal point of the team...stop bitching ztop tryin to play gm and just play the game thats making ur ass filthy rich....keep svg just to piss him off...howard is bitch made...pussy