Thursday, April 19, 2012

Donovan McNabb a Hall of Fame QB?

 Donovan McNabb has never won a championship, but in his mind he is "absolutely" a Hall of Fame quarterback. Sure Donovan has 37 thousand passing yards, 234 touchdowns, and 117 interceptions which would have probably got him into the hall of fame 20 or 25 years ago, however with quarterbacks putting up enormous numbers every season, these numbers are not hall of fame worthy. For example Drew Brees has been in the league 2 years less than McNabb, and he has 40 thousand passing yards which includes the NFL record of passing yards for a single season of 5476 yards just last season. McNabb's numbers in his prime pale in comparison to the numbers that are being put up now, and it seems all quarterbacks in the NFL put up big numbers. Take Mark Sanchez for example, Sanchez, the Jets , and the fans thought he had a bad season, but Sanchez threw for 3474 yards, 26 touchdowns, ran for 6 touchdowns, and threw 18 picks. If these were Donovan's numbers it would have been his 4th most passing yards, 2nd most touchdown passes, and would have tied his career high in rushing touchdowns. Another thing that does not help McNabb is the fact that he was hampered by numerous injuries throughout his career, had he played in half the games he missed it would be similar to another full season of yards and touchdowns added to his totals. McNabb played in a pass happy league for the better part of his career which make his numbers good, but certainly not hall of fame worthy. In the interview, McNabb even went as far as to compare himself with Peyton Manning and Dan Marino saying stuff about Marino never winning a championship , blah blah blah. He shouldn't even be in the same sentence as those guys so my advice to Donovan is to just shut up for once. He always seems to want media attention, and mind you this is a guy who does not have a job in the NFL, and nobody has even given him a call because he flat out sucked the past two seasons in Washington and Minnesota. Who knows if McNabb will even make it onto the ballot for the Hall of Fame, let alone be voted in.

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