Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ricky Williams to Retire

Ricky will run no more. The Former Dolphin is hanging them up after 11 seasons in the NFL. Ricky Williams, the former Heisman winner who broke records at the University of Texas was drafted number 5 overall in 1999 when Ditka traded the entire New Orleans Saints draft and 2 picks the following year to get Williams. His first three years in New Orleans were good not great, topping a thousand twice, but only had 18 total touchdowns. After that season he was traded to the Dolphins for a couple of first rounders and two other picks. In his first year in Miami he had his best year of his career going over 1800 yards and rushing for 16 touchdowns. Shortly after joining the Dolphins he tested positive for Marijuana, then in 2004 it was reported that Williams failed again for Marijuana and faced a 650,000 dollar fine and a four game suspension. Just before training camp for the 2004 season Williams announced his retirement from the NFL after it was rumored he failed a third time for guess what , Marijuana. He spent the 2004 season finding himself and then he returned to the Dolphins in  2005 after repaying some of his signing bonus and sitting out for his four game suspension. During that year he split carries with Ronnie Brown and failed to reach a thousand yards. Then in February 2006 he had yet again tested positive for a banned substance, his mother says she doesn't think it was marijuana but a herb he had studying kumbaya or whatever in India. As a result of this Williams was suspended for then entire 2006 season and signed with the Toronto Argonauts. He played 11 games in the Canadian football team. In may 2007 it was reported he failed ANOTHER drug test and executive members said he shouldn't be allowed to apply for reinstatement, but he did and was reinstated , Williams played one game in 2007 after tearing his pectoral. After a mediocre 2008 he went over a 1000 yards in 2009 setting an NFL record with 6 years in between 1000 yard seasons. He played one more season in Miami before finishing his career with the Ravens this past season. So that is the story of Ricky , who knows how good he could have been if he had half a brain and didn't smoke all that weed. Williams finished with over 10,000 yards only the 26th running back to do so.

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