Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kobe Meets Jeremy Lin

A few days after telling reporters that he did not know what Jeremy Lin was doin out in NY (he did acknowledge that he knew who Lin was, but did not show him respect at all), Kobe watched J Lin drop 38 on his Lakers. Bryant was straight laying bricks at MSG last night (he was 11-29 from the floor) and the 5-time champ was outshined by an undrafted Harvard grad who has 4 career starts (Lin looks like the real deal though). Even though Kobe is a boss and has 5 rings, he made himself look like an ass after that performance last night. Kobe is definately one of the greatest of all-time, but he has been taking some difficult, ill-advised shots as of late, and it is not helping the Lakers. Gasol was efficient last night (6-10 from the floor for 16 points), but he should be taking more than 10 shots a game if they want to be a contender in the West. The Lakers don't have much balance at all (they still need a PG as well), and at this point, unless Kobe pulls some serious shit, they ain't going anywhere.


  1. Kobe is just annoyed by gays asking him gay questions...kobe is being a man about the situation. This a win or lose job and he has the right mentality. That is why you do not play pro ball and only watch

    1. lol, so your justification that someone isn't a professional athlete is because they don't have the right mentality. Do you play professionally?