Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm with Gisele

So Gisele has been making headlines for saying that the receivers should have caught the ball and the Patriots would have won. Her exact quote was " my husband can not fucking throw and catch the ball at the same time. I cant believe they dropped the ball so many times". Gisele you are right, cant do both at the same time, if he could he would be the best player ever. Also there was some key drops in the game, most notably Welker, which would essentially clinched the game for the Patriots. Hernandez and Branch each had a drop on the final drive, the one to Branch was tipped ever so slightly but a make-able play which would have been a big gain, and Hernandez a ten yard pass. Who knows if Hernandez catches the ball they maybe save their time out and Brady doesn't get sacked. For everyone ripping on Brady, he really did not play that bad. He threw one pick which was essentially the same as a punt, other than that and a couple of drops he has the same numbers as Eli did. Patriots defense had two opportunities to recover fumbles and failed to do so, also the twelve men on the field penalty turned into 7 points for the Giants. So cant really blame Brady for this one as the Patriots D could not get off the field with the Giants having possession for around 37 minutes. One play changed the whole game, and it was the Welker drop, yes it was a little high but he had both hands on it and even Welker said he never drops that one.

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