Friday, February 10, 2012

Former USC LB Accused of Punching Bar Manager

 Rey Maualuga of the Bengals was allegedly involved in a fight at Luxe (a bar in downtown Cincinnati) this past weekend (no surprise there). It has also been reported that Maualuga punched the manager of the bar, which caused him (the manager) to be injured (that's what the report says). If charged, this certainly would not be Rey's first time being in trouble (dude went out and got clapped all the time at SC, which often resulted in drunken fights or altercations). Starting in '05 (as a freshman), Maualuga was charged with misdemeanor battery after getting into a fight at a Halloween party (it was reported that Maualuga was unprovoked, yet he punched a man twice in the face). Despite the battery charge, he was only suspended for one half of one game (Pete Carroll at his finest). A year later, he was disciplined by Carroll again for acting like a dumbass at a frat party (do you guys see a pattern here?) In January 2010, Maualuga was arrested after he crashed his car while driving drunk in Kentucky. The linebacker smashed his Pontiac into two parked cars before admitting he drank around six Captain and cokes (that means 10). After reading all this, one may ask, "Will this dude ever learn?" Well folks, the answer is no. According to the most recent allegations, Maualuga is back to his old ways: drinking and brawling (this time with the manager of a bar). You would think that these Cincy players would try and get their shit together (at least 35 arrests since 2000) after all the embarassment they have caused the organization, but I guess it's just part of the Bengal culture.

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