Monday, February 6, 2012

Eli does it Again ! NYG 21-NE 17

 Wow. What a game!! Eli did it again, with all the comebacks this year this one is by far the greatest. He went 88 yards for the touchdown and left only 57 seconds for Tom Brady. No shocker that Eli is the MVP of the Super Bowl. Manning finished 30 of 40 for 296 yards and a touchdown. The Giants went from 7-7 and possibly missing the playoffs to winning the Super Bowl in the most dramatic of fashions. It is the Giants second Super Bowl win in four years and Eli is remarkably one Super Bowl away from Tom Brady. Manningham with an unbelievable catch for about 40 yards on the final drive and another 15 yard grab the following play. Another reason that the Giants won other than Eli the great, is the pass rush which was non existent for two and a half quarters got pressure and some sacks in the third and fourth quarters.Nicks had a big game receiving with 10 catches for 109 yards. You cant say enough about Eli though he carried this team on his back the entire season and postseason with virtually no help from the running game as they ranked dead last. He is elite, no doubt about it.    Here is the Full Game Recap:

National Anthem: No singing mistakes this year as Kelly Clarkson did a good job, but didn't get
a lot of camera time ( She looked like she had been hitting the buffet a couple of times).

First Quarter- Giants Punt inside the ten. On the Patriots first play from scrimmage, Tom Brady throws the ball and it was not close to a Patriots receiver, because Brady was in the end zone it resulted in a intentional grounding and a safety for Giants. On the Giants next drive the Giants fumbled the ball in Patriots territory but had 12 men on the field. Two plays later Cruz caught a two yard touchdown from Eli, cant ask for a better start than that. Eli had started the game 9-9 which is Super Bowl record. NYG 9-0

Second Quarter- Pats start it off with a field goal from Gostowski. After some back and forth punts the Patriots had the ball on their own 4, with 4:03 left in the half. Brady breezed down the field going 10-10 for 98 yards and scored a touchdown with only 8 seconds remaining in the half. NE 10-9

Halftime Show- Even though Madonna might have lip synced the whole thing, it was pretty entertaining. LMFAO, Nikki Minaj, MIA, and cartoon character Cee Lo green made appearances and got two sing a little bit. Madonna was definitely better than a couple of recent halftime shows such as the Black Eyed Peas, The Who, and Tom Petty. Some of those guys were about to Croak on stage.

Third Quarter- Pats got the ball to start the second half and went straight down the field again for the second straight drive and scored another touchdown. Giants fans must have been shitting themselves at this point because Brady was not throwing incompletions, connecting on 16 straight passes which is a Super Bowl record. However the Giants answer with a field goal and the Giants D forced a 3 and out and finally got some pressure on Brady. Giants stalled in the red zone for another field goal. 17-15 NE after 3.

Fourth Quarter- Patriots had the ball. Brady was pressured, but gets out of it and throws a pick. It was pretty much a punt because the throw was a bomb and got picked at the Giants 10. Next drive Eli uses two time outs to avoid delay of games, but the Giants punt anyway. Next Pats drive stalls and they punt it to the Giants with less than four to go. The ball is at the Giant 12 and on the first play of the drive, Manning goes deep down the field to Manningham who makes an unreal play to get his feet in bounds. By far the play of the game and the play of the year for the Giants. New England challenged and lost. The Giants continue down the field with catches by Nicks and Manningham. Giants inside the 10 now with around a minute to play and the Patriots let the Giants score , Bradshaw with the run but he tried to stop himself on the one but seemed to forget. So its 21-17 with 57 seconds left and the Patriots have one timeout. Pats start on their own 20, and after drops by both Branch and Hernandez , Brady gets sacked by Tuck and that forces the Patriots to take the last timeout. The Patriots converted the 4th down and moved the ball to midfield with 9 seconds left. Following a incomplete pass to Branch, the Patriots had one play left and it was the Hail Mary. Knocked Down by the Giants and the Giants WIN ! 21-17 NYG 

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