Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Contador Stripped of Tour de France Title

Alberto Contador who won the 2010 Tour de France has been stripped of his title and banned for two years because he was found guilty of doping. Contador tested positive for clenbuterol, a drug that's main purpose is to burn more stored fat in order lose fat. In simple words give more energy from stored fat while in turn making you skinnier ( confusing right). Well lets just say this about cyclists, they like to cheat. Its ridiculous Contador a three time champ of the Tour de France, also Floyd Landis was stripped of his title in 2006 after testing positive for testosterone, and even Lance Armstrong is being investigated for doping. First of all who doesn't take something in this sport, it seems like pretty much everyone does. By now athletes that have been caught have used every excuse in the book , like oh somebody must have slipped it to me, or i thought it was aspirin, and my personal favorite i had too much sex and drank too much beer. With all that being said Contador had a great excuse for his positive test, "it must have been that contaminated meat i had on my rest day". Come on Alberto any asshole can Google a substance and find out that it is sometimes used in livestock, like i just did. That is one hell of an excuse contaminated me ha ! Its quite convenient that you had a contaminated meat story knowing that the drug is sometimes used in livestock( hmm where would he have gotten that info??). Also there have been no other athletes testing positive from meat in Spain. So now Alberto you lose the 2010 Tour de France crown and all other results from that year and is banned from this upcoming Tour de France, along with the summer Olympics. Well i hope the "steak" was really good because it is certainly costing you now. Also he might be fined 3.25 million dollars , no big deal. Way to go Alberto !

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